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Glad to see Political Moonshine getting the boost, he has great work, and provides all sourcing evidence.

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Thank you. Dr. Makis is relentless. A must is Midwestern Doctor, Eugyppius, Jeff Childers’ C&C News. (I’m addicted to Substack)-many more.

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I had already subscribed to several of them, thanks for adding more!

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Yes, please ongoing lists of the marvelous!!

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Thank you, Fox! I mean that in so many ways. You have been a mentor and supporter of me when it would of been easy just to ignore me. You took time to show me the RIGHT way to do things. Your candor and gracious attitude have meant so much to me. You are a truly honorable man and I want to be just like you, when I grow up! You took a chance on an unproven writer and gave me a job! You are a true friend and I appreciate you beyond words!

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Thank you! I don't have the funds to subscribe to all the talented and important writers, but I will keep your list handy just in case I can find free articles.

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Thank you! Thank you! There are ones that I have never heard of !! I thought I was on the cutting edge! We soooo appreciate you, Vigilant Fox!!

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Similar lists? Sure!

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Thank you. 😊

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I believe we have lost free speech, to our government 👇

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Yes - put together another article like this one.

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Screw X and the satellite they flew in on

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Fabulous! I'm passing this information on to my fence-sitting friends and family. When they look at the "other side" ("OUR" way of thinking), the representatives-of-our-side that they consult are often less than sterling examples, so this will at least give my fence-sitters great sources to contemplate as they struggle, in the face of devastating facts and disclosures, to stay on board with their much-beloved Official Narrative.

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I thought it was just me... I wrote a history of my life, leukemia in 1976, three brain tumour removals and two strokes. What was controversial, was the fact I highlighted the dangers of CT scans, I have had about ten since 2015. I thought sub stacking would bypass the censorship of blogging, but I am actually getting less hits. At least it sub stacking doesn't cost me anything, checkout luketheblogger2.substack.com.

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What an amazing co-incidence. I literally just send of my desperate appeal to the Naked Emporer which I copy in below. I love writing, and the very few times my work was picked up by a bigger fish it exploded with likes and comments. (https://markusmutscheller.substack.com/p/stupid-people).

Then I put another 20 hours in a similar piece and nothing happens. My few loyal subscribers love it but I get no traction in general. I am at a fork in the road where I can't justify the silly amount of time I spend on this. I worked my arse off for 7 months and don't get the exposure I deserve, to be honest. I know, many writeres are in the same boat. But before I give up, I owe it to my family for all the time I stole from them, to give it one last push.

I think it is great and very honorabe that you give something back to promising hard-working writers. Thank you. You are a real asset here.

For what it is worth, here is my comment to the Naked Emperor:

Ma Mu

Writes Be your own doctor

26 mins ago

I hope you read your comments.

Hi, I just recently subscribed and no regrets so far. Already used two featured articles in my writings.

I am writing to you because I need your help. I have been writing for about six months but not getting the exposure I need and deserve for all my hard work. I have built up subscriptions from zero to now just over 460, only a handful are paying. I have loyal readers and they give me very good feedback, but I need some sort of break.

I am not good in licking arse (sorry, networking). I am a true dissident - I called out and challenged Malone, Berenson and Latypova at times. I also called out Catholics and Christian stupidities. I did anti-Trump pieces. I speak my mind. That doesn't get me more subscribers. Even on Substack. I get that. And I see that.

I experimented a lot with different topics and and styles and know what works and what doesn't. However, I don't just want to write in a certain way because it offends the least amount of people and slowly grows my readership. I think I really have something to offer.

I was lucky twice and some bigger writers picked up my article and cross-posted. It exploded into thousands of views (usually around 500), with 160 likes and 220 comments. People loved it. But this is rare and in-between. It is not worth the effort I put in.

Earning more money is not my biggest motivation, but needed, to justify the time I spend to my family. (I sometimes write 8 hours non-stop two day in row for one article). Getting some common sense out there, caring about the truth and having fun doing it, is equally important. I just love to write. It comes naturally to me.

Providing entertainment and community and support for those many isolated and confused people out there, shell-shocked by their recent awakening, is also important to me. Despite my sarcasm I care deeply.

I developed a unique style, only possible on a medium like this. I mix text with lots of pictures, Gifs and memes. I use sarcasm and humor. I am not PC. I am sixty-one and it took my whole life to learn who I am and what I stand for. I am not diplomatic. I talk my truth and I don't care if it is popular or not.

I can do proper neutral citizen journalism - I started out like that, and had early success. (My most read post is in that style) But it is a lot of work and not that much fun and others do it better. So I mix proper good researched information with opinion and humor.

You read a lot and it shows. Your selections are great. So could you please just read into the two samples I send you? I don't expect you to read the whole lot. If you get bored after three paragraphs please stop and tell me so. If you get hooked and read to the end, tell me too. I need some honest feedback and advice. If you destroy my writing, it won't be the end of my world.

Writing here already full-filled the most important purpose: A personal healing journey by writing my anger, fears and frustration of my liver. It was very therapeutic. So no regrets. It was great. But I can't justify the time spent much longer if I don't create more impact. I am at a fork in the road. I either put more effort in and try to get bigger, or totally scale back and just use it as a hobby. I just need your objective assessment.

So here are two recent articles that I think are more interesting and entertaining than the vast majority I find on Substack. But we always find our own stuff more interesting, of course. That's why I need you. Please give 20 min of your time. Thank you.

My 2nd most read one and most liked one:


The next one is on climate propaganda. Sarcastic, funny, silly, serious, informative, reassuring, easy to read, entertaining. I thought it matches "Stupid People" but it didn't go anywhere. I don't get it how this works. Just today, Dr. Malone published an equally long one about propaganda and it made me yawn and stop reading after 10%. Yet, this guy has what, 200.000 subscribers? I get it, he is famous and I am not. And I do appreciate Malone for what he does. He is important. But at least 30% of his readers should see my article and they don't. Why should they? Because it makes them feel good.

Anyway, for what it is worth:


Ok, I leave it with these two. I already took a good junk of your valuable time. And you know how to find more of my articles if you need to.

If you like it and you think many people would like, please put onto your list, and help me. If I don't get a break soon, I give up.


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Thank you, it is more helpful to read these summaries than simply the "recommends" or "reads" list that is built into substack.

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