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Amen to all of the above, Foxy.


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Great article! My adult children all have young families and are just starting out. We made a large order for Christmas from a local farmer who raises animals in the best possible way. My children are going to love it and we have supported our local food producers at the same time. And it makes me happy to know that my children and grandchildren are eating clean meat.

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Appreciate the list. I’ll be using this list to get my siblings their Christmas presents this year! We all agreed we have enough “stuff”!

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pleased to restack your post today and

offer the following comment:

life is played out on a universal chesslike board comprising dark and light beings,

with all shades inbetween

but unlike a chess match, when our white bishop meets black rook,

black rook transforms to white rook

we strive to be better teachers, fading the grays into shades of white

as pawns, many of us are simply content, to serve on the side of light

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Yes, I agree. Unfortunately, most of these products are too expensive for me reasonably afford. I will support like minded businesses, but on a smaller scale.

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Dear Vigilant Fox, 💝

I hope you understand how much I appreciate your tireless and informational work.

I tune in everyday.

But I'm not comfortable with the concept of 'black friday' particularly, in relation to trade.

In Australia we had a horrendous series of bushfires, that were labelled by mainstream media 'black saturday'

Every day is Golden.

So please, no more black, white or brown days.

Just spectacular, golden, magical and freaky Fridays.

With ❤️

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Great post! Thanks for this reminder. On the subject of the Wellness Centre, you may want to read this concerning research on the context (it’s long): https://open.substack.com/pub/beyondthemaze/p/the-wellness-company?r=q9aq0&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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Hmmmm..... there are other companies out there too that Believe in America.... and MAKE in America too... I need to go find that list! Most importantly, buy LOCAL, support your local small businesses!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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Great idea, but as someone looking for a new computer, I’m asking where are the suggested “parallel” options to, eg, Apple?

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Thank you for the information! We need to start supporting small businesses more and more instead of funding big tech and other huge corporations that hate us. PublicSquare is also a great source of small patriotic businesses from which to shop.

Also, avoid falling for the marketing of the next shiny object from Apple and Google and the rest by not updating your phones until they actually die. I have a Samsung 8+ that I will keep using until I eventually break it - no upgrades for me as it does more than I need anyway.

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There's quite a list of toxic businesses to avoid, and why, right here: https://wordsalad.info/tag-boycottleft.html

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Nov 24, 2023·edited Nov 24, 2023

Naked Organs?

I'm leery. The bison may be "clean" but their feed could be tainted. Their water could be tainted. Chem-trails are EVERYWHERE!

Naked Organs sounds dystopian to me. Harvesting/selling organs from these poor slaughtered creatures is just "weird" to me.

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It is even more important to buy from businesses that still sell what you want or need to buy.

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Am impressed with the quality of the Z-flu gummies. Delicious!

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Read Beyond the Maze SS on founders of Wellness.

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