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Thank you for making and sharing. God bless you and yours more!

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One of the big problems is Congress. They are SUPPOSED to have oversight with the alphabet soup agencies, but they regularly kick the can down the road. Why is that? Because they’re equally as corrupt as the agencies themselves! That is why we need TERM LIMITS asap. No more lifers unwilling to do the right thing.

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Nov 19, 2022·edited Nov 19, 2022

When do we see some accountability around Big (P)harma?

And the regulators for that matter?

Wallensky has been blatantly lying every time she opens her mouth, yet no-one has ever fact checked her. The way she dissembled about the monitoring for SAE's, muddying the waters like a skilled narcissist. And the legislative types she was fronting just swallowed the lies.

Almost like performative theater. Like when Tony The Rat fronted Paul and it was clear that the question was canned.

It is clear these mega corporations are too big, too influential, and they need to be broken apart.

Hell, you could burn Big (P)harma to the ground and salt the earth, and it would yield a net positive for the health of the USA population. Might reduce the rate of growth for the personal wealth of your lawmakers, though.

A fair trade, I would think.

The power differential. The influence peddling. There is no conventional reform which will change the baked-in Swamp Monster conflicts of interest.

Time to become unpredictable. To democratise the process and impose costs they can't write off.

BYO salt.


PS: As an aside, if this latest revelation isn't enough to stop the Shots then what would it take? The danger signal was screaming red in early 2021. We are nearly in 2023 and the charade/cull continues.

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Pharma that participated in this should be shut down immediately and never be allowed back.

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