One blessing in disguise is that ever since I got COVID 10 months ago, a lot of unhealthy foods just taste the worst now.

Soda tastes like burnt rubber, I drink water with lemon now.

Now I mostly eat rice and sardines, or rice with air fried chicken.

Everything I grew in my garden organically tastes wonderful though…


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Over fed and under nourished

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👍Amen! The old ways were simpler and healthier. Now everything is processed in some sort of package with plenty of additives many of which are unpronounceable with chemical substitutes that screws up our metabolism! If it has more than a few ingredients it’s probably not good!

A portion of population is realizing this happening and going to basics, eating farm to table & maybe reverse the unhealthy trend of last few decades!

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So true! Food is medicine and your medicine should be your food! Sugar is poison. When I went to school, back in the sixties and seventies, there might have been one big fat person in the whole school, (small-town schools) and now all the young people so far and wanting us to think that looks just as good as someone fit. It doesn't look good, it can't look good. We can't allow obesity to be normalized!!

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The message of this post just cannot be said often enough. More people need to know this information. I first heard about this on the Market Ticker blog several years ago. I immediately cut way back on carbs and sugar. Surprisingly, my weight stabilized and no longer goes up and down. Thank you so much for a great post!

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Is he talking about the Omega-6 fatty acids in the nut oils are inflammatory? Because someone else mentioned that in another Substack. I guess the nut oils would include avocado, coconut, palm oil, and I'm not sure what else. What you want are the Omega-3 fatty acids.

What I do remember is in the 1970s and early 1980s the sugar industry sponsored 2 studies that said "fat is bad". We were fooled by these bad studies. So when manufacturers reduce fat in the food, they have to add sugar to help it pass marketing studies with the public. I also know if I avoid carbs and sugars and replace them with vegetables I lose weight without doing anything else different.

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While this is true. another crime of the last century is that the AMA has decreed that classes in nutrition in medical school are electives. How many medical students have time for electives, even though micronutrients are the basis of all healthy physiology? Do you know how many docs question a patient's request for a Vitamin D test - a hormone/vitamin required for immune function, and so much more? Do they know that D requires magnesium for some of it's functions? Do they know that Mg levels tested in blood serum does not tell anything about levels in muscle and other tissues? We need doctors who are fully educated in basic human health, as is taught in many other countries. Our system is all about Big Pharma profits. For shame! An RN, MS, Integrative Health Advocate

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Toxic Diets, Lifetime Customers: How Did America Get So Sick?

McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and soda pop...

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For me Keto is a blessing 50 lbs gone blood perfect no more meds hand me a slice of bacon somebody!

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Permit me some woo-woo talk:

Plandemic paradoxically forced many to reevaluate institutions and worldviews. The Wellness people follow in the steps of a legion of Integrative/Functional clinicians and healers. Mercola and many others have been doing all this work for decades.

Sooner or later more will join the next component, which is our spiritual evolution (inextricably linked to our physical healing). Hundreds of millions (some say over a billion) already incorporate some genuine spiritual practise – NOT Big Religion, which is finished as a force of good – and our collective consciousness rises as a result.

This is how we stop WEF and the centralized-power billionaires from reaching their anti-human goals: by raising the planet's collective consciousness. It's happening as we speak.

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The Food industry (and it's governmental puppets/shills), is just as big of a criminal and societal killing operation, as Big Pharma...with one exception...they figured out how to make their poisons taste good...and humans lapped it up, like a thirsty Bedouin, at an oasis.

I was thinking about this the other day, so this post is quite timely.

Ask yourself, why you don't hear of endemic conditions in the animal kingdom. No huge swaths of diabetes, auto-immune diseases, no wide spread brain or cognitive issues, no obesity, no high blood pressure, arthritis, or osteoporosis...no animals on the Serengeti using walkers, dragging O2 tanks behind them or hopping on their scooter to roll down to the watering hole.

When you do hear about these issues (in large numbers) it has been when animals were being exposed to humans and their systems (food, industry, telecom, pharma, petro-chemical, etc.). Left to their natural eating and living habits, they are usually healthy, with some exceptions, obviously.

Likewise, we are an organism...created to function (eat, grow, die) in particular ways. However, fortunately and unfortunately, we are an adaptive organism, so we can actually pervert the models, that keep us in optimal health...and still thrive and function.

A couple of examples -

1) Humans can intentionally inhale smoke/chemicals/drugs and still function, at high levels, in many cases (I've known several marathon runners who smoked and placed high in their respective standings/classes).

2) Humans can inject/inhale/ingest manufactured chemicals (illicit drugs/"medications") and again function well and at high levels.

3) Humans can ingest manufactured consumable "food" items, many times containing petro-chemicals and pharmaceuticals (to some degree) and again function well and at high levels. As one commenter already observed, shopping from the perimeter of a grocery store is key to avoiding all the MANUFACTURED junk, in the middle sections.

However, these days, even the perimeters are danger grounds.

Remember, just because you can eat, drink, smoke or inject it and not drop dead or grow a second head in a week, doesn't mean, the chemicals and genetic modifications are not damaging/killing you. Although we weren't meant to be, as organisms, we have become garbage processing plants...you can put almost any type of crap into us, subject us to the harshest of conditions and we will continue to function on some level, until we don't. Sometimes the decline is slow and fraught with illness and disability and other times it is a cliff and you drop off it. The resilience of the human being, as an organism, can best be observed/understood in historic atrocities and disasters like the Holocaust and Holodomor.

So it should be simple right...we all knw that "Trash in trash out" is bad, right?? Wrong.

The food companies, like big pharma...are intent on making money and you are their cash cow. They've spent hundreds of billions of dollars, in research and testing, where chemicals and taste are concerned. They have refined the equation, of producing a chemical reaction in the brain, to get you to want more of a flavor, texture or chemical. Like wise the Ad agencies, have spent similarly, in refining the correct colors, shapes and sizes, to trigger you to salivate, look at or crave certain products. Ever wonder why McD's doesn't have blue or brown arches?? Or the main color on their signage isn't green, instead of red?

These are principles, taken from the natural world, that have been amped up and capitalized on in the Food and Ad industries. Throw in some scantily clad 18 year old with a tight butt and D-cup boobs or Fabio slathering a polymer spread, on toast and humans will happily pay, for the instruments of their own demise.

Lastly, the two industries are symbiotic. This can easily be seen in the illnesses caused by modern "foods" and the medications and sham health"care" industry, that is used to treat the symptoms, of those illnesses.

There is no profit for either industry, for people to be told, eat fresh, raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits, more than you eat anything else...so 90% of your diet...especially if you have XYZ illness". No money in that, at all.

And look around you, few will follow that advice. The food industry has worked hard to tribalize food and eating groups...Mention a vegan diet to a "healthy" 30 year old and they roll their eyes and make snarky remarks. However, mention the same diet to a well informed cancer survivor and they will sing it praises...even if they were a staunch carnivore pre-cancer.

I honestly could care less what you eat, my point is, they are banking on you eating the way they tell you to. They want you to eat the products, that costs them pennies to MANUFACTURE and keep you in an addiction cycle, so you buy and eat more and more of it.

This cycle of consuming trash and getting sick, won't be ending anytime soon, because humans, unlike wild animals, are easily manipulated and pay happily & dearly for that privilege.

Ever hear an older person, with several health issues, who takes tons of meds say..."this is just what happens, when you get old"??

That is the victory Cry, of both the food industry and big pharma. That statement tells them, that their combined trillions of dollars spent in R&D, was well worth it. They have taught/conditioned humans, to sacrifice health, for taste...virtually 100% of the time.

Of course the government is in on/profiting from this perversion, but that's another post.

Just know you are being played for suckers and it's not just your money you're handing over, it's your health/life and that of your children. This should have become crystal clear in the past 3 years, to everyone.

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All True, yet this rabbit hole is way deeper and far more involved. Most people get the majority of their liquid sustenance throughout life in the form of Pure Hell. Water is the dipolar antenna which allows for the signal of spirit to be broadcast thru matter (life). Tho the quantitative purity of one’s water may be adequate the qualitative purity (memory) of municipal water consists of such a vile filth it cannot be adequately communicated... learn more here https://youtu.be/iAStayV-Hyg

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The topic of toxic, high calorie/low nutrient foods is important, but I can't stand this false attribution of weight trends. Yes, I was here in the 60s and 70s, and another major change that's gone on since then is the amount of food that people eat and drink along with how frequently they eat and drink. Anyone remember the almost complete lack of convenience stores back then? Remember when the Quarter Pounder was introduced as a huge burger? Remember how absurd the Big Gulp was when it was introduced? Remember when you ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner . . . and that was it? Remember when you didn't pass a Dunkin Donuts or Cumberland Farms every time you took a short ride? Remember when a gas station was for filling cars, not bodies? Remember when people didn't walk around with 500-900 calorie drinks EVERY DAY? Can people not see the massive portion sizes in restaurants and how frequently people eat at them?

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It’s not food it’s the hormones of birth control and bong hits. Snacking is considered a good thing. It’s the jab and it’s stress. Food is the least of the problems

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Both Epoch Times Senior Editor Jan Jekielek and Dr. Amerling are over weight in the above photos and both easily over 29 BMI. Also that Ocean Beach photo is interesting; I see several surfboards and only one umbrella and no "wet suits". I graduated San Diego State 1966 and ate one meal a day at the Campus Chuck Wagon where it was all you could eat for 99cents plus 4cents tax before 2PM.

Times have changed. http://www.dsoderblog.com/campus-chuck-wagon-all-you-can-eat/

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I’m 56, if the 70’s had gone different, my generation probably wouldn’t have autoimmune issues like we do!

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