"The Whole Narrative Is Crumbling" as the Wall Street Journal Sounds off on the FDA

"We're having people that have been so into the narrative break ranks now that it does cause hope that we're finally getting there."


During a Tuesday segment on the War Room, Dr. Malone joined Steve Bannon to discuss a new and shocking article from the Wall Street Journal that brings into question the FDA's decision to rush these so-called vaccines on our most precious and vulnerable.

"So the Wall Street Journal now is coming out and directly questioning the wisdom of the FDA, the integrity and independence of the FDA and the CDC, the decision to proceed with the child vaccines, these infant vaccines, and directly raising the question of whether Dr. Jha, who is the COVID response coordinator, has inappropriately placed pressure on the FDA in order to get them to make these decisions that have no basis in terms of data on safety or efficacy in children.

The Wall Street Journal story is remarkable, not in the content. These are all things that many of us [who] have been following this knew, but the fact that the Wall Street Journal itself is now enunciating these reservations and directly calling out Pfizer and Moderna, data manipulation, misrepresentations, and the FDA's failure, basically, to perform their duty in terms of diligence on safety and effectiveness."

Steve Bannon adds in that this is signal, not noise. For the Wall Street Journal to come out against the FDA is "Big League."

Dr. Malone extends those thoughts, saying that he's seeing multiple indicators that the whole narrative is crumbling.

"People are now increasingly questioning the safety and effectiveness of both of these products and the underlying nature of the data ... There seems to be a growing flood of physicians and scientists that are willing to speak out."

Even Paul Offit, who has been "an absolute shill" for the vaccine industry his entire life, was one of the two who voted against these shots for young children at the level of the FDA.

"We're having people that have been so into the narrative break ranks now that it does cause hope that we're finally getting there."

Let's hope we're getting there. Sooner or later, I think there will be a "tipping point," as Ed Dowd puts it, in which the FDA's actions will be seen as so egregious in the public's eye that they will become indefensible.

While their corruption is on full display, let's "unwind" the administrative state.

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