The mainstream media "journalists" have to step over many a dead body to report that the jabs are "safe and effective."

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Their evil silence is deafening to those of us who are awake!

God is real & returning soon & He will get vengeance for all the evil that the unrepentant evil tyrants have done to innocent people.

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Sep 24·edited Sep 24

Thank you and congrats on your success! I'm a naturally immune RN now! It wasn't easy (got booted out for 9 months) and I concurrently completed it w/ a 4.0 gpa while clocking over 14,000 hour of covid research and direct covid patient care the whole time. Boom ; )

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Naomi asks:

“What do people at the highest levels behind the scenes start to do when the rank and file start to realize they [and their loved ones] have been murdered?”

Probably they will ignore the evidence of a just like they did when doctors were telling people that Fauci was doing it during the AIDS epidemic. Here is one guy that tried to warn people about taking AZT that was what was killing gay men and not the virus.


My brother was murdered by taking the drug and yet I only found out about it last year. Fauci approved it knowing that it would kill people just like he has with remdisiver. Imagine monetizing a drug that you know will harm and kill people instead of one that would cure them. That’s evil on an unimaginable scale.

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Thank you for all of the information. Still beats me how people can have their heads in the sand with their *sses hanging out waiting for the lions. I had TWO elderly people tell me this week that they can't wait for the upcoming jabs.

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I find it interesting. However, it is a re-hash and offers no solution. We offer a solution.

Consider responding. All of us, need a Jural Assembly. I made a statement at what point did sensible enter into this? To walk away is sensible, to acquiesce Quisling, inability to say truth to the de facto makes up 62.5 % plus of the population, there is a large dispossessed population, a very small percentage will do Athens, Tennessee 1946. I drew a line, "not one infringement on my unalienable rights granted by my God will go without challenge." it is codified on the land and soil of The United States of America's Constitutional republican form of government circa 1859, original jurisdiction.

May I speak with you about: original jurisdiction found in the de jure Constitutional republican form of government as juxtaposed to the de facto, color of law, incorporated governance that you are part of: the de facto United States of Washington District of Columbia Inc. the benevolent or malevolent form of martial law/Lieber code/FEMA being served up to their subdivisions such as the State of Oregon's Salem oligarchy in the current social democrat era.

www.orsja.org All of us On Oregon implemented ex parte Milligan nullified martial law with our Civilian Court of record. Which in turn led us to our Grand Jury on Oregon as ARTICLE I Section 1 social compact, Oregon's provisional de jure government. A government with an Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction found in Amendment VII lawfully and legally on Oregon in 2022. Accomplished by the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly aka ARTICLE I Section 1. signed, sealed, stamped, witnessed with proof of service properly, then published www.orsja.org. These were acquiesced to by: USDOJ, USMS, FBI, USMC, State of Oregon aka STATE OF OREGON's executive, legislative, judiciary, 36 sheriffs and 38 prosecutors, Provost Marshal and JAG; defaulted to many times over.

This same process is available to the other 32 states and commonwealths and the 17 Territories and we need to establish de jure as the law form as opposed to the de facto currently existing, incorporated, color of law, form of the City of Portland is a subdivision of the County of Multnomah is a subdivision of the State of Oregon is a subdivision of the United States of Washington District of Columbia Inc with forts, ports, armory and needful buildings.operated by an industrial / military / executive / legislative / judicial / administrative / banker / FRN / BAR / Nazi / Jesuit / Khazarian / Muslim / communist / U.N. / Big Pharma / medical de facto, color of law /RICO society that should not be. So, we took them out on Oregon. November 2022.

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You left out the Canadian parliaments standing ovation Trudeau et al for nazi soldier, Yaroslav Hunka

Members of the division served Adolf Hitler's 14th Waffen SS Division Galicia — a designated criminal organization, according to the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal, reported military journal esprit de corps.




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Love the Top 10 articles approach to weekly awaking citizens of the truth. I look forward to the future Top 10. Exposing the corruption in our Federal Government helps identifying the criminals that we must reveal.

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Hi Vigilant Fox, good one. Here's one from a few weeks ago over at Jeff Rense.com.

"South African White Genocide" - https://rumble.com/v344cfj-south-africa-white-genocide.html

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I don’t believe we will have a vote in 2024 . I think they will do something drastic. I pray not. They are also planning for illegals to vote if there is any elections. We must stop these devils with God’s help. Call senators every day. What else can we do. HR79 is in the House to defund the WHO before spring. Only 50 house members have signed it. Our representatives are not doing ANYTHING to save us. Very scary

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Contact Report 825


Moreover, the people are so devout that they consider what the media spread to be the real truth, even though it is often based on lies and deceit.

As we see alarmingly again and again, the people are being lied to in many media and the readership is being deceived in such a way that the majority of earthly humanity is in no way informed about what is really happening.

The might of the leaders of the state and the economy, as well as the dark middlemen and the very powerful religions ...

The peoples are even fraudulently 'informed' with political false reports, as they are also presented with 'fake news', as the peoples are also deceived with broadcast films, which often originate from other locations and are supposed to mendaciously testify as current news supplements of alleged events that are currently acute.

The flow of information from the media to the people is often so distorted that sometimes no information at all or only very inadequate information corresponds to the truth.

Due to the horrendously developed technology, it has even become possible that the faces, bodies and movements of state leaders or otherwise important persons are fraudulently manipulated in a film-moving manner and changed in such a falsifying way that everything corresponds to reality and thus looks real.

For example, interviews are broadcast on television that never took place with state leaders or other persons.

In this way, the people of the Earth are lied to and deceived by certain media with regard to politics and other matters, as well as being misinformed about important issues.

Films and also photos are manipulated and falsified in such a way that they appear to be real and original, so that the readers judge them to be real and true.

In this way, interviews are also fraudulently produced that never took place, but are presented as genuine and broadcast on television or published in the written media.

So much of the diverse flow of information that reaches the public is false and manipulated, in which the state leaders themselves are often involved and also act against the freedom or the lives of individual human beings or the entire national population in a way that is contemptuous of human beings and criminal among themselves.

This, as e.g. England acts in the case of Julian Assange, whom it wants to extradite to America, where he is threatened with a life sentence or even the death penalty for revealing the truth about military crimes, which on the one hand can be carried out officially, and also insidiously by Assange being murdered in prison by rewarded killers – which is then officially hypocritically 'regretted' by America.


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Thank you for paying attention.

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Super incredible stories...the cattle one is particular scary and terrifying...so many still eat meat...burgers, etc...

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Keep shining bright lights in dark places.

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Boris Petrov seems to be an agent provocateur.

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The Ultimate Goal Of A Leftist Lunatic

Is To Become Their Own Victim.

- Of Course That They Start There

- - Doesn't Spoil The Journey.


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