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I hate it when people take 3 million coincidences and turn it into a conspiracy theory!

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The saddest part is that people refuse to wake up and realize that war was declared on you. War. Real war with real casualties.

They killed your parents, your friends, your coworkers in this war.

They injured and disabled the ones you loved.


They want to hide and pretend like this wasn’t intentional.

Their plan is to sit and hide and ride it out while the enemy (you) dies off.

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Wow, talk about smoking gun, that disability comparison between the employed and not employed tells the whole story! Death always catches people's attention, but this massive increase in disability could cripple the country; imagine five or ten years from now, if the 20% who chose not to get vaxxed are having to support and care for the 80% who did, because they're all disabled...

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I lost count long ago of the number of nails in the coffin of this phony "mRNA vaxxes are good" narrative. Once upon a time I added the thought, "So the narrative must collapse immediately," but since that failed to happen so far, now I just sit back and watch.

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Of course, the "smoking gun" was already there in November, 2021:


Already in August, 2020, those who investigated must have known that the (sooner-or-later) lethal injections must not be accepted (after all, who would accept an injection with unspecified contents and no liability for the manufacturers? Well, the latter applies to ALL "childhood vaccines" as well).


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i review claims from around the country and i have never been busier in my career... so many valid claims now that i have to wonder how the country will function in another year or so at this rate. who will do all the jobs that we take for granted every day???

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As a retired research methods prof. I can state emphatically that 3-sigma events just don't happen without something earth-shaking driving them. No 3σ event is a "nothingburger"!

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I was listening to an interview with Dr Charles Hoff on Daniel Horowitz’s Conservative review podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/conservative-review-with-daniel-horowitz/id1065050908?i=1000595534388

He was describing the neurological:extra-pyramidal side effects he noted from the start: limb weakness, chronic pain, shooting nerves down a limb, movement disorders.

I listened and went along to each of the symptoms and went ✅✅✅ yeah I’ve got that even down to having to replace round door knobs to lever ones, shooting nerve pain, chronic pain, full body shaking movement disorders.

Except I didn’t develop these symptoms from Covid Jab but from the 36 Polyethylene Glycol encapsulated Alpha Interferon jabs, Pegasys, for Hep C treatment. I’m one of those victims of the contaminated blood scandal. They knew about it from 1978-1991 and still no UK public announcements to test for it in those having received blood products then.

Anyway, when I watched the initial videos of victims on Highwire I thought I’ve had those symptoms. That looks like Me!

What if it’s not the mRNA but the injected antifreeze PEG? First time given to millions.

Well experts, what do you think of my hypothesis?

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I have thought this all along and it’s finally being said by others. I never bought the “people don’t want to work “ scenario. Our own labor force aged son is vax injured and we wish he would apply for disability because he is sick so often, he can’t hold a 9-5 job.

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So Pfizer needs to be stopped. Project Veritas just caught them talking about mutating the virus themselves so that they just keep infecting people


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Coincident with the number of illegal (economic) immigrants?

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The injections are causing the deaths, NOT a virus. It is proven, this is how we know:

First, lets look at the death numbers. Look at the excess deaths by age cohort and time. There was a jump in working age deaths 25 to 44 when the mandates rolled out. Not older people, not younger people, just the working group. So unless a virus knows to target a certain age of people, 25 to 44 years old, and knows exactly WHEN to target them (exactly when the mandates roll out), It can't be a virus.

See this information by Ed Dowd:


But wait, there's more!!

Dr Ryan Cole (Mayo clinic trained pathologist) explains in the following video how tissue samples can be stained and analyzed to determine if the spike proteins in the tissue are a result of infection or injection. From this, one can determine the sudden deaths are a result of the INJECTIONS. Injection caused spikes (not virus caused) are overwhelming the tissues in organs.

See the 26 minute mark in this video:


So by putting these pieces of information together now we have a population wide impact and can measure it by age group and time. We also know the specific mechanism of action via tissue samples and can differentiate mechanism between virus cause and injection cause.

It is conclusive the injections ARE causing the deaths. Maybe not all of them but clearly a huge number.

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So think about this🤔...State funding for disabilities is now being affected. This is going to affect every state’s bottomline. Numbers don’t lie.

We NOW KNOW (thanks to Project Veritas 😉) Pfizer was instrumental in creating variants via virus manipulation to push sales (thereby forcibly co-opting hospitals, doctors and corporations to push poison jabs even Remdesivir instead of standard and effectively KNOWN viral treatment protocols.)

ALL AGs should be heavily involved in suing not only NIH and Biden Administration (for mandates in collusion with pharmaceutical profit-driven false advertising, collusion and profiteering schemes in the manipulation and creation of variants to harm humanity), but also PFIZER directly for their admitted and complicit, criminal role involvement!! WOW!! This is big!!!

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Thank you and shared.

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So i guess we will all have to support a doubling of the tax rate to support all these disabled people which will come to over 3 trillion dollars over the next decade just for non-medical support, and perhaps 10 trillion dollars for medical and non-medical.

Lets throw in another 3 trillion for the families of those (~300k) who died and we are up to 13 trillion dollars for the next decade

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Define disability. Long-Covid now qualifies as a disability and estimates put them as high as 4 million. Only 1% have qualified for social security disability. Meanwhile, social security disability claims/approvals are down , not up.

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