And? Nobody cares! They are crowding the stores for Xmas shopping and other utterly nonsense activities.

Look at the election results/ US voters this week; the US employers are still asking for proof of complete vaccination, same for some schools, and 400 “qualified” candidates are applying in less than 20h for posh & well-paid jobs posted on LinkedIn.

We ultimately need a new federal law canceling all vaccine liability protection and putting vaccines on an equal footing with other drugs.

Then the sleeping zombies might notice their friends or family members dying/ getting sick.

If any drug — vaccine or not — injures someone, the manufacturer should compensate that person for their injury.

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That statistic about children under 18 is particularly disturbing. And that doesn't count the number who may have been permanently injured in ways that will show up down the road.

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People were happy to lose their freedoms because it was all about ‘saving lives’. That didn’t work out. So masses don’t want to face the facts and media is happy to provide a distraction. Politicians have nothing to gain from exposing this disaster they created. And so it goes...World is now split in two groups, those who know and those who don’t want to know.

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It's clearly all due to climate change. /s

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These are just the first ripples in the oncoming megatsunami of death and destruction. Since Br. Alexis Bugnolo made this stark prediction in June 2021, something like 5.1 billion human beings have taken The Lethal Injection:

"Now according to Montagnier, anyone who has taken these vaccines that prime your immune system to react excessively the next time you run into a coronavirus... These all will be dead in two years. In the next two years we will see two billion people die on Earth."

-- Br. Alexis Bugnolo


PS "Why aren't governments doing anything? For crying out loud: They're in on it!

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All we see on California news is that we must get our flu and Covid shots to prevent these illnesses. Not one news show talks about the number of deaths.

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Cancer, diabetes, lack of medical checks, ambulance issues, this could explain older folk, but kids? Just explain the kids, let's see how you do that with a shred of plausibility.

That elephant in the room is not going away, maybe they are waiting for the covid amnesty?

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Ethical Skeptic is showing how our “transparent CDC” is surreptitiously coding non Covid deaths to hide excess non-Covid deaths.

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The Dark Forces seem to be in control. It is time to get really, really real here.

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Thank you and shared.

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Nov 11, 2022·edited Nov 11, 2022

The lack of curiosity from those in power regarding these alarming trends is the proof.

It is the dog that didn't bark, in this mystery.

The only thing they know or care about is that it couldn't possibly be the jabs causing such carnage. They are so sure there isn't even a need to investigate.

Imagine the same numbers dying in fiery craters as airliners drop with alarming regularity. We don't have to imagine. It has happened. Boeing recently with its 737, 2 crashes was enough to trigger significant steps. For several hundred people.

We are losing that weekly in many nations. Daily in others.

And no-one in power cares. No-one cares to look.

No wonder Fizer refused to provide its bioweapon to any nation that didn't grant them total immunity, or any nation which wanted to actually test the poison properly. Imagine again, the wave of litigation from those proven to have been killed by the bioweapon. The dam will break. At best these corporate legal types from Big (P)harma have delayed the inevitable.

So either they do not care when things come to light. Or it doesn't/won't matter.

Imagine then what state the world will have to be in for such a reckoning to not happen, once all the evil is laid bare.

Neo-Feudalism 2.0 would have to be in place. The masses would have No Rights. No Property. No ability to communicate without Big Brother listening in every way = No Privacy. No Freedom to assemble, to protest. We would have to be locked into the control grid of the 4th IR, cattle penned and culled on the whims of the WEF and others. With regular MRNA $hot$ as the price of entry to the feedlot.

Their solution is our end.

Georgia Guidestones and Meadows told us their plans. Their goals.

The excess death snowball will continue to grow, as the booster people keep boosting and catch their Golden BB, and more importantly as the long term kill mechanism starts to weigh in across the entire jabbed population. We could have a decade trending upwards sharply before a shockingly high plateau. It will certainly be the biggest cull in history, and it will make the last one a century ago look like a scuffle rather than a prizefight by Ali. And an aspect ignored by most, chronic disease will have a similar trajectory. Already bad, it will become so much worse. Who will care for the masses of sickened but 'living' victims who are disabled in some way?

The horror has only just begun.


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The virus must be mutating again. When is the next booster available? My six children are getting their 2nd before the gramps comes for Thanksgiving, just to be safe.

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I'm in Amsterdam. There are advertisements for positions in the windows of businesses all over. At a time when inflation has risen substantially.

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"Health officials are nowhere to be found as ... "

"Election officials are nowhere to be found as ..."

"Law enforcement officials are nowhere to be found as ..."

"Journalists are nowhere to be found as ..."

But just let grannie take a selfie in the Capitol. Or Trump spit on the sidewalk. And every damned fool

"progressive" on the planet shows up with automatic weapons.

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This is nuts!

Pure nuts!

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Wait for the next medical breakthrough: “new formulation to reset your immune system”.

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