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Yet another country that seems to have exaggerated how many of the population actually got the jab. By all accounts Australia was somewhere near 90% compliant. Very interesting to see as the smoke clears how many refuseniks there actually are.

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One wonders how these would be rulers of planet earth are going to do well with that many people potentially being aware of the negative aspects of the vaccines. Don't imagine it is all that different elsewhere on the planet?

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They wouldn’t have pushed this on the population if they believed they could be held accountable for doing so. Presumably they have a plan to prevent that. For example, mandatory central bank digital currencies with social credit systems. That will make dissent and protest impossible for most people.

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When your leadership are WEF tools, this is what happens.

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What can I say... Vote those politicians out of the public arena forever. Our only weapon is our vote. Let’s use it to get tid of these tyrants once and for all!!!

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I think these feelings are very common to most of us - vaxxed & unvaxxed!

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I always suspected Australians had more backbone than their government was letting on.

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Special event going on NOW - livestream about the global dangers of WHO/WEF attempt to take control and what to do about it, the grave harms caused by the covid shots, & more. Now talking: Rabbi Jonathan Rietti. In 1 hour at 5:30 PM EDT - live with Dr. Pierre Kory MD in NY! Afterwards: Attorneys Thomas Renz and Bobbie Anne Cox. Please join! https://truth613.substack.com/p/critical-livestreamlive-event-this

Recording will G-d willing be posted on my substack afterwards.

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If people regret receiving covid injections, please ask them to tell their story here https://sorryigotvaxxed.com so others can make informed decisions.

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I’m US citizen currently in the lower 48. I responded to the poll and my responses were logged. Not a reliable method of polling. Garbage results

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I have a difficult time believing 35% of the jabbed are happy with their decision and would do it again.

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After a disgusting performance in Victoria, Australia, it is looking like Dan Andrews will win the coming election. He needs to be shown the door. I hope the pollsters are wrong.

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Nobody should take the killer poison shot !

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Myth about China’s “social credit system” – CIA and the US bipartisan War party propaganda at work


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GG tweets – extracted ~Nov 2 period https://twitter.com/ggreenwald

Note the intensity of Glenn’s activity despite a serious health emergency in his family

• (re-tweet) unusual_whales @unusual_whales

JUST IN: Treasury Department officials have begun looking into whether they have the legal authority to start an investigation into the Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase because of Musk’s ties to foreign governments and investors, per the Washington Post.

Everybody knows exactly why this is happening.

• One day after a major story from @lhfang and @kenklippenstein proving the US Govt and Security State are directing Big Tech on what to censor, the #2 Senate Dem tries to radically restrict what "free speech" means in a way that contradicts all 1A caselaw:

Senator Dick Durbin @SenatorDurbin –“Free speech does not include spreading misinformation to downplay political violence.”

• By the way, one day after this massive story about the US Govt directing Big Tech censorship was published by a Dem-friendly site, with a popular left-wing figure as one of the reporters, neither CNN nor MSNBC invited them on, and no Dem politician has mentioned it.

Why is this?

• 2015, BBC: "Meet Twitter's second biggest shareholder, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal"

If DC Dems want an excuse to investigate Musk's purchase of Twitter on "national security grounds" because he won't censor for them, they'll need a better excuse.

• Also, few things are more darkly hilarious than Dems pretending to be so deeply concerned about Musk's involvement with Saudis when it's the US Government that is single-handedly responsible for propping up the Saudi regime with arms and surveillance tech

• Americans are being conditioned -- by "journalists" of all people -- to believe it's immoral or mentally ill not to immediately and uncritically accept whatever institutions of authorities claim.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald weighs in on the Paul Pelosi attack: "Skepticism itself can never be wrong ... Even if evidence does emerge later on to prove it, the skepticism itself was not just valid, but necessary."

• To this very day, you can read articles in liberal corporate outlets branding as "conspiracy theorists" anyone asking about Nuland's comments - same for those who questioned claims about COVID vaccine efficacy and mask mandates, or *any* claim that the US Security State issues.

• The US corporate press is trying to train Americans to believe the first and most solemn duty of citizenship is instantly accept whatever institutions of authority tell you to believe. No wanting to see evidence, no noting contradictions: just happily recite what you're told.

• Rather than obey France's censorship order, Rumble turned its services off for France and will sue. But France should have no right to impose its censorship laws on the world.

• This is why I'm so proud to be working more with Rumble and why I believe in their free speech commitment. The easy thing to do would be to obey French politicians and remove anyone foreign governments demand. Rumble would rather lose France then submit to them.

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I will not take it in my arm. I will not take it on my farm.

I will not take it with a lime. I will not take it anytime.

I do not like this covid shot. I do not like it quite a lot.

I will not take it en masse...I will not take it in the ass.

I will not take it from a nurse. I will not end up in a hearse.

I won't take it like a sheep. I refuse to take that leap.

You can take your jab and shove it. I'm sure your hairy ass will love it.

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