What's equally horrifying is that the government has this data and is STILL PUSHING THE VAX. My brother just had his 18-month-old twins vaccinated, because he believes in official narrative. I am absolutely heartbroken.

Everyone I love is vaxxed; I couldn't convince any of them not to take part in the world's biggest experiment. They all fell prey to the endless propaganda and pressure.

It's clear to me that the governments of the world, the WEF elites like Trudeau, are doing their best to eliminate what they call the "useless eaters."

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I live in the same valley in BC as Graziella.

In 2021, prior to the "mandates" I was the week-end manager of a non-profit facility which is under the umbrella of Interior Health. Due to the nature of my work, and the type of "screening" I performed, I actually saw this coming before the vax mandates were invoked.

I witnessed deliberate, unconscionable, unfair treatment of unvaxxed Canadians.

I would not DISCRIMINATE against the unvaxxed, prior to the mandates coming down. Just the thought of it made me literally SICK.

I myself was UNVACCINATED, my supervisor KNEW, and yet I was ordered by my SUPERVISOR to DISCRIMINATE against the unvaxxed.

I refused to obey that unconscionable order.

I stopped going to work. Called in sick every week-end until placed on "unpaid leave".

Never returned. No regrets.

Wtf has happened to our Canadian medical system and The Hippocratic Oath?

This story reminds me of what Jews suffered in Warsaw, prior to the "round up". Sequestered in their ghetto, forced to wear identifying yellow stars of David when they left the ghetto to work or shop, treated like 3rd class citizens, and denied equal medical treatment in hospitals because they were the "unclean". The Jews...

For unvaccinated Canadians to be treated in the same manner, in 2022, is absolutely terrifying.

Do most Canadian people KNOW what's going on? No. Because it's not "on TV", so it's obviously not happening...

Dr. Hoffe is one of my heroes. 💖

I need to flee this godforsaken country, STAT.

#TrudeaumustgoNOW 🆘️

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Excellent, piece.

This along with the new report of finding the spike in the brain and heart of a deceased Alzheimer's patient, 3 weeks after his 3rd jab, should give momentum to this new pushback effort.

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Oct 2, 2022Liked by The Vigilant Fox

This will be great!! Note there is a typo in the first line under the video - the narrative that is crumbling is the “pandemic of the unvaccinated “ - thank you for all you are doing!!

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I was in such a state with concerns over my loved ones getting the injections that I received an reassuring dream where some black guys loudly sang "Praise the Lord...." I did not usually listen that kind of music. However, I faintly remembered there was such a song. I found that song! It was Bob Marley's One Love!


I listen to it quite often when I wake up.

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These statistics are biased... more elderly and sick people who are more likely to die take more shots. I'm totally anti-narrative, but I point this out because if you present vaccine believers with this data, they will challenge it with my point, so it becomes useless.

So it would be good if you find or arrange data such that it is categorized by age. Thank you for your fight against these criminals.

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🚨 Fmr. Pharma R&D Exec. Sasha Latypova Explains How COVID Jabs Are Actually "DoD Countermeasures"

"It's actually a DoD product, it's not a Pfizer product.

It's not barcoded, it's not distributed in the pharmacy distribution chain, it's not traceable.

If you were DoD or a DoD controlled sub-contractor, they can produce whatever they like and insert it into their own distribution chain because it's not pharmacy suppliers who are supplying this."

Clip: https://rumble.com/v1m992e--fmr.-pharma-r-and-d-exec.-sasha-latypova-explains-how-covid-jabs-are-actua.html

Full Interview: https://rumble.com/v1jugup-vsam-clinical-trial-fraud-uncovered-by-former-r-and-d-pharma-exec.-and-pren.html

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I am the control group! It was obvious. If you took vaxx, then you were missing brain cells from beginning.

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"the healthcare system is collapsing".......would that this is true. This "system" is one designed to kill, injure and keep the populace forever dependent on the myriad of pHarmafia concoctions. Good men like Drs Hoffe, Hodkinson, etc will be the ones left standing amid the rubble of the Grand Allopathic Deception around them, and they will pick up the pieces and build new, true "wellcare" practices.

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Be the control group.

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Thank you very much. It is never explained WHY such pathological hate of capitalist Russia and total support of Nazi-dominated Ukraine government !!

Stand with Russia – it fights for all of us against bipartisan fascist US/UK clique.


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Don’t believe this ! It is fake news!

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I wonder if the 8% remaining deaths were classified as "cause unknown" too?!

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can anyone help me to the DATA/study that Dr Hoffe is referencing - (i mighta missed it maybe it's linked?) - it's super important to have the science at hand as footnotes when stating these "obvious" facts.


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I believe the opening paragraph should read: “how many times have you heard this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated….” (rather than “vaccinated”)

It doesn’t make sense to indicate a reversal of narrative & then state this as proving to actually be a pandemic of the vaccinated … the way it reads there is no “reversal” it states that the narrative has gone from pandemic of the vaccinated to pandemic of the vaccinated…

I’m not here to nitpick or troll … I just believe that, this whole thing has been in no small part an information (propaganda) war … where language has been weaponized to maximize psychological impact … what I’m pointing out is not just semantics - it actually matters, if the aim is to convey the truth..

If I have misread the passage … I’m open to being respectfully informed.

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