Nothing about 50+ journalists murdered in Gaza? Corporate press DEFINITELY not reporting on that.

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Nov 26, 2023·edited Nov 26, 2023

A tiny dEvil minority has slithered into the power and influence infrastructure globally of which, The USA is, and has been the primary target to weaken and destroy, both from the inside like Rome fell.

THEY are a small, doomed family with plenty of willing suck-ups - bribed, and compromised stooges.

This age is late into "the birth pangs."

Reality and truth are one.

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#6 defines every single year since 2019. Every single day I wake up and wonder, “What fresh hell can this be?” (Dorothy Parker). And the Fates answer. Every. Single. Day.

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Dump ALL LIBERALS EVERYWHERE ! Their ideology is flawed and dangerous ! NEVER vote a liberal again !

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It’s really sad. At 71 yrs old , I won’t have to go through what younger people will. I never thought our country would go to hades as quick as it has.

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#1 & # 3….populists surge! People are getting tired, and desperate, and getting rid of the statists! Hugely encouraging.

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Documentary: Greatest Lie Ever Told 'George Floyd & The Rise Of BLM' by Candice Owens ............................................


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Is the Vigilant Fox the sight that offered Ivermectin for Animals 🥴 Please someone direct me.

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Awesome news! The worm turns

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Jeffrey Sachs Testimony at the UN Security Council Meeting - November 20, 2023


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Soooo... I sought to follow up that 5.55 billion vaccine recipients figure, because I was thinking it's a good thing they didn't jab 6.66 billion. Those of us who happen to think a Satanic Cabal secretly run our world, poison our people with iffy so-called vaccines & abuse us & our kids might have smelt a rat, huh?

Anyway, I followed the link to Children's Health Defence at the bottom of the Vigilant News page & then clicked the live 5.55 billion claim. It lead to a New York Times page the paywall of which I busted through using Archive. Perhaps I should be unsurprised that, employing my FIND window by clicking Ctrl+F, I discovered that the page has been edited & that 5.55 does no longer appear there.

See for yourselves: - https://archive.is/ncV7S

Orig - https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/world/covid-vaccinations-tracker.html

from - https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/young-people-cancer-death-uk-edward-dowd-analysis

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Love your work Fox dude & congrats on the new website, looks good.

Dunno if you saw this from Igor Chudov yesterday. Although the term "Turbo Cancer" is new, the idea of especially aggressive cancer is not. It's just that it's not called "Turbo Cancer", it's called "Hyperprogressive Cancer"! - https://www.igor-chudov.com/p/hyperprogressive-cancers-due-to-covid

Which throws a degree of shade over this from wiki which claims there's no such thing as "Turbo Cancer". Because, clearly, there is. It's just called "Hyperprogressive Cancer".


Igor draws attention to the fact that some sufferers of Hyperprogressive Cancer also have high concentrations of IgG4 antibodies which is also something that vaccine recipients show. In fact, the more vaccinations given, the fewer other antibodies are generated & instead are replaced by more & more IgG4 antibodies. Igor shows how IgG4 has been studied prior to the pandemic because of concerns it lead to Hyperprogressive or TURBO cancer.

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The warriors on random comment sites, KNEW the opposition’s were getting paid for their “ views.” Only after we started calling them out about this, did they quiet down. How do you defend a poison injection causing sudden death in so many??!! ( without being paid!) I searched job sites for these type of “ misinformation” jobs & BAM! There they are! What a scam! Moderna, Pfizer, Sudden deaths, increased all- cause morbidity, defective Big Pharma trials & studies, & more, all relentlessly defended & excused away by these paid, evil souls. It actually helped to bring the true fighters of this evil together.

It may seem like a waste of time to argue with these paid “ wanna-be journalists.” What some don’t know is there are hundreds of readers that never comment, and just read the posts for info. I learned this fighting against retail marijuana dispensaries opening in our city, just outside Seattle. When the vote came, I knew we would lose. David vs. Goliath, big time! I’m talking, billboard money & voter mailouts, & buildings already leased.

All this to our $427 budget. 😂 Honest.

Guess what?! We won! There’s no retail dispensaries in Federal Way, Wa. There may be one day but not since that vote. People hold a lot more power than they think. And God helped open eyes to the lies too, I’m sure of it. 😇👏🏼

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