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Hear that NYT, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN, CBS, NBC, etc


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Thank you for all your work! You’re opening eyes. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Good info!

Thank you! 👏🙌

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That article on artemisia annua is excellent. Do you have an app for your news site? Would like to use it if you do.

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Just published in “Medscape” a new disease of concern. Alpha-Gal, an allergy to beef and all mammalian flesh transmitted by the Lone Star tick, which is endemic to the southeast. This disease also seen in EU, where the tick doesn’t exist. Will this be our next plandemic ?

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Ramaswamy - taking NO prisoners ! Good on HIM !

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Contact Report 661


This also means that man of Earth is not to be influenced by political press and political propaganda, nor by public media such as newspapers, journals, radio and television, etc., nor by suggestive speeches, but in each case, effectively in each case, should always use his own intellect and reason to find out the effective truth.

And only then, when he has found it with the highest possible certainty, he should, can and may he bring himself to a good, correct and righteous decision and put it into action by his very own will.

This, however, requires a lot of effort and research in order to find the truth, which cannot be achieved simply by false and dishonest media reports etc. and by influences of any kind and as a result of followers or sympathy, but only by effectively thorough research, neutral thoughts and considerations regarding the given facts.


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Not to be absinthe minded.

Most of the species of mugworts have some of levels artemisinin

in them .As per pubchem;

Artemisia absinthium,Artemisia lancea,Artemisia carvifolia,Artemisia umbelliformis,Artemisia tenuisecta,Artemisia herba-alba,Artemisia caerulescens,Artemisia vulgaris,Artemisia vallesiaca ,

Artemisia verlotiorum,Artemisia genipi,Artemisia abrotanum,Artemisia apiacea,Artemisia afra

Phytochemistry and pharmacological activity of the genus



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Any truth they will deny. Their god is their is their power and money. Satan is their puppet..

Thank you for your investigation. You are the best! 😀

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If it's important, it will be censored in the MSM. Post while you still can at Substack!

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DrMalone, Cattle are NOT being injected with mRNA vaccines. Some pork is however. Please quit spreading this incorrect info.

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Have you heard of the mainstream media propaganda complex?

Most likely you have heard of the military industrial complex.

Many now are awakening to the pharmaceutical medical industrial complex.

The mainstream media propaganda complex is the voice for the military industrial complex and pharmaceutical medical industrial complex.

CIA controlled Google and Wikipedia are part of the mainstream media propaganda complex.

When you see this death symbol, promoted as the 'peace symbol', by the mainstream media propaganda complex, turn this symbol upside down.


Don't let your enemies deceive you.

They want and promote death and destruction, from bombs and needles, they even lie with their symbols.

They know the power of symbols, do you?

Knowledge is power and the correct formation of life.

My photo image is the true and correct peace symbol.


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Scott Ritter and Kim Iversen discuss the CIA and the mainstream media propaganda complex in this 5 minute clip.



Billy Meier article from 2006, describing how the CIA operates in the link below.


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Take 5 minutes to educate yourself, and to understand how the mainstream media propaganda complex operates.

A must watch about the mainstream media propaganda complex.

Watch this 5 minute clip with Kim Iversen and Scott Ritter from Thursday on their Twitter accounts.

Full interview in the Rumble link.



"This is pretty cool because the CIA is working with CNN.

Think about that, ladies and gentlemen, I just told you that the CIA is working with CNN to do a documentary that's designed to shape the opinion of the American people." -




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