While I never suffer through any TV news of any kind, mainstream social media news or news on the radio, I have heard about 9 out of 10 of these stories from other outlets and independent sources.

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It's about money and depopulation. Did we not hear Bill Gates admit that his investment in the vaccine industry gave him as much as 5 to 6 times in return for his investment? And yes, he also stated that a vaccine is neccessary to reduce the population of the world by 15%.

When is this man going to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity? The answer to that question is never, because he buys his way out of judgment; in this world maybe. In heaven, before Jesus Christ, there will be nothing to bargain with but only what one has achieved for Jesus Christ while on the earth for His glory (1 Corinthians 3; Revelation 20).

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Dear Vaccine Injured, (But Not Dead Yet)

You’re Welcome.

On Behalf Of Everyone

Who Knew Better Than You. ( And Screamed At You)

You Are Welcome.

Now Pay Attention To Those

Who Have Saved Themselves From You And Yours.

You Fucking Idiots.


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You forgot the recently release satellite video of the March 8th 2014 Malaysian flight disappearing. Kim Iverson did a show on it. https://youtu.be/-hcCTWkvT2I

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

Loved the private jets heading to Dubia for global warming conference, lmao 😆!

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Bravo and thank you !!

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This supernatural story about the Red Sermon & Moloch has yet to be reported. https://godtype.substack.com/p/bidens-red-speech-decoded-welcoming

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Half a million whole-genome sequences have just escaped from lab.

As with all great escapes, somebody must have helped in the action. And not for free.

You thought you were entitled to privacy, data protection and what not. Think again.

Four famous pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with other players were paid £200 million for sequencing data from a total of 491,554 participants. Which means that your innermost lifetime secret is worth £400 or about $500. That expensive because this transaction was a retail bargain.

Referencing 3 billion sequences against “test” swabs will reduce your worth below a dime. The future possibilities of fine-tuning specific substances to interact with specific organs in specific populations has just become much more affordable. And available to anyone who is ready to act against humanity.

Now you know why covid is just a distraction, PCR is not intended for testing and mass testing did not need any logical reasons.


Is this a completely new level of the game?

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