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A masterpiece compilation - thank you.

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The story on the beautiful 15-month old who died two days after her three vaccines should be the top story in America IMO. What else killed a healthy 15-month old that suddenly?

The diseases the vaccines were supposed to prevent would never have killed her.

Let us all hope that "vaccine hesitancy" continues to grow ... rapidly.

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I grew up under the specter of the Vietnam war. My brother was drafted, I was younger and although I was issued a draft card the war ended on the cusp of my eligibility.

Everyone in my brother’s unit was killed in action except him and one other guy. I didn’t know any of them, nor did I personally know any the dead or injured from that war but there’s a wall in Washington DC with over 58,000 reminders.

I’m tired of hearing people dismiss the damage inflicted on their brethren simply because they themselves feel ok and don’t personally know any of the dead and injured. Out of sight out of mind.

When my brother returned from the war he did not receive a heroes welcome. Many retuning vets were spat upon at airports. Just like the vaccine injured are being symbolically spat upon today.

Perhaps we need a wall with the deceased names on it before anyone cares? What’s going on is a sad testament to, a) The lengths and effectiveness of the psyops, b) Where we are at as a society.

Then as now I feel deep sorrow for the families of the dead whom in both instances trusted their governments but were led down a road to living hell. May we all awaken soon from the terrible spell they’ve put us under.

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yep I read all these stories ! but then again I don't read the rag papers, only Epoch times, Expose, and tens of substacks! great selection, I wonder if you should start a print newspaper with a large title, may be you could wake some zombies up!

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Tom Renz undermines himself by associating with Robert Malone.

Malone is Creep State Trickster.

Being seen with this creepster seated at your right hand is foolhardy.

Added edit: I see Marjorie Taylor Greene ran this hearing. Guessing Tom Renz had to go on with Malone or not at all. I very much liked what Renz had to say. So I'll back off the "foolhardy"..

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Congresswoman MTG [Marjorie Taylor Greene] Holds Hearing on Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines with Special Witnesses

Livestreamed streamed November 14, 2023


clip: https://vigilantfox.substack.com/p/ob-gyn-drops-alarming-miscarriage



DR. KIMBERLY BISS: I'm Kimberly Biss, I'm an OBGYN. I graduated medical school in 1993. I trained in Florida and I've been in private practice ever since 1998. If you include my residency training and private practice years I have probably been involved in roughly 8,000 pregnancies. I am here in front of you today to testify, but I must say this ahead of time that I do not sit here today and represent my employer, I do not sit here today and represent the hospital that I'm on good standing in. I'm here today to talk about what I've experienced in my private practice and has brought great concern.





CONGRESSWOMAN MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: Dr. Biss, I'd like to talk with you for a few minutes. I'm reading your resume here and it's quite impressive. You're a certified OBGYN, you serve on many committees, even being chairman of the OBGYN Department, and you're here on your own, out of your own capacity. You've been involved with about 8,000 pregnancies. That's, that's a lot of babies, that's a lot of women, so I'm very impressed with your expertise. I want to talk to you a little bit. I've ready so many reports and heard so many women that were vaccinated talk about issues they had with menstrual cycles, pregnancies, so I just have a few questions about this. How many of your patients did you see have increases in menstrual cycles, menstrual hemorrhages, all kinds of issues after receiving the covid-19 vaccine? And were there clear changes for them?


DR. KIMBERLY BISS: Yeah. I don't have data for that, I wasn't tabulating that. Dr. James Thorp* has published many—

CONGRESSWOMAN MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: I have a little data. [holds up a chart]

DR. KIMBERLY BISS: And that's data from the VAERS,** yes. Dr. Thorp has published several articles in the last few years showing that there were definitely changes in women's menstrual cycles and also in post-menopausal patients.

[camera focuses on the chart held by Marjorie Taylor Green: Reports of Menstrual / Hemorrhages by Year / source: OpenVARES.com which shows a dramatic rise coinciding with the covid-19 vaccine roll out.]


So those are women that have gone through the menopause and started bleeding for no structural reason, no tumors and whatnot.

What was of grave concern too in these reproductive age women is, a lot of them were having what's called passing a decidual cast which is where, normally a menstrual period will last 5 or 6 days, imagine if you have your 5 or 6 day menstrual period all combined into an hour where your entire lining of your uterine cavity is shed all at once. It's very painful. It causes hemorrhaging. Prior to the injections, I don't call them vaccines, there were 40 case reports of this event in our literature. Dr. Thorp published almost 300 women that this had happened to. And what's really of concern is not all of those women were vaccinated, but they had been around other people who had been vaccinated. So isn't that interesting?

So yes, I've seen in my practice an increase, I've had to do surgery on patients that we just couldn't manage their bleeding, you know, with the traditional hormonal methods and whatnot. And I've had to do hysterectomies on some of those patients as well.



CONGRESSWOMAN MAJORIE TAYLOR GREEN: You mentioned menopause. Of course we know menopause comes later in life for women. Were these women, what age women were experiencing menopause after receiving the vaccines?

DR. KIMBERLY BISS: So I mean it varies— as far as experience bleeding in the menopause or went through menopause? The normal age of menopause is in the early 50s, the age range that's considered normal is anywhere between 45 and 55. There were some women who received these injections and went through what's called premature ovarian failure, which is early menopause, usually that's classified prior to the age of 40.


DR. KIMBERLY BISS: A woman from France contacted me, she was a secretary in a gynecology office and she said it was interesting to them because they had been tracking this and it depended on where in the menstrual cycle the woman was when she received the injections, and if she was in the post-ovulatory phase and received the injections, those women were more likely to develop amenorrhea, which is lack of menses or go into premature ovarian failure. If they had received them early in the menstrual cycle, they were the ones that had the abnormal bleeding, you know, the change in their bleeding pattern. So that was pretty interesting. They had a small case, cohort of patients, but I found that a little interesting.

CONGRESSWOMAN MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: How many of your patients or, or pregnant women that you know of experienced miscarriages after taking the covid-19 vaccines, or injections?

DR. KIMBERLY BISS: Yeah, so a lot of that was hard to— I will tell you that I looked at my pregnancy population in the fall of last year, everybody that was pregnant in our practice, and our vaccination rate in that patient population was about 60%. That's pretty commensurate with Florida, because last I checked in the CDC site the vaccination rate in Florida overall was about 65-70%. Most of our pregnant patients received 3 injections, very few received 4 or more. And what's concerning is the majority of the patients received their injections in 2021 and early 2022, however we're still seeing lingering effects.

I have a great Substack that Jessica Rose published in November of 2022*** which shows my data in pictorial form that's pretty— [indicating chart of screen on back wall "New patients (blue) vs. miscarriages (orange) for 2020, 2021 and 2022] [screenshot] Right there behind you. So I went back to January of 2020 and this data went up to the beginning of November of 2022.

I will tell you in 2020 we had very many newly registered obstetric patients, which is what the blue bars represent. Those are first trimester newly pregnant patients. We had the most deliveries we've had in probably, wink-wink, that was due to the lockdowns. We did also have what was considered the normal pregnancy loss rate. Now what's quoted in my obstetric textbook and in some articles is that a normal miscarriage rate is 13-15%. I've never seen that clinically. There was a study that came out in 2020 by a gentleman by the name of Naert, et al**** that showed the actual miscarriage rate in the first trimester is 5 - 6 % and even that's a little high from what I've seen. My average miscarriage rate in 2020 month-to-month was 4%. That was normal.

I had done a video where I wrongly said that my miscarriage rate had increased by 50% because I was put on the spot and I didn't have my data in front of me. I was wrong, my miscarriage rate from year-to-year went up 100%. In 2021 the average miscarriage rate month-to-month was 7-8%. We peaked in November of that year for some reason, that's actually when a nonclinical staff member came up to me and said, Dr. Biss, do you realize we've had 8 miscarriages this month? Which, in a practice that delivers 20-25 patients, that's a huge number.

In 2022 the average month-to-month rate was 15%. Now that was up til November. I will tell in December, I'd never seen this before, we had 41 newly registered patients, 13 of them lost their babies, so that's 25% right there. And then in January and February of 2023 it still remained high.

Didn't normalize until June of this year, then went up a little bit, and came down in September. So we're still seeing effects.

You asked how many patients had the vaccine and then lost their babies. That's hard to determine. I mean, I can tell you 60% of my patients got vaccinated, but the problem is, if they're brand new to the practice, I haven't seen them yet, because I'm the only person in my practice that asks every patient, have you gotten vaccine? How many? Which brand? When? Have you had covid? How many times? Because whether we like it or not, that's part of your medical history now. I'm the only one that asks those questions. So the problem is, if a woman miscarries and you ask them, well did you get an injection, you may come across accusatory to that person. So that's information, you don't want to ever make a woman feel she caused her baby to not be born. So it's hard to get the exact data on all those patients.

CONGRESSWOMAN MAJORIE TAYLOR GREEN: Of course. Do you find a correlation with miscarriages and certain vaccine, certain vaccines, whether its Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson?

DR. KIMBERLY BISS: Yeah, that's a good question. I mean, the majority of our patients got Pfizer. It— the majority was Pfizer. I don't have that breakdown as far as the percentage.




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Responding to the chart Senator Johnson showed to Congress, it underreports Covid deaths by about 15 x. . Of course it does, it's from the VAERS database, where under-reporting is generally thought to be between 40 and 100x. It is actually horribly-false information he's sharing.

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Great List! And may I also suggest gifting your jab-loving relative a book for Christmas - Neither Safe Nor Effective, 2nd Edition: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines, by Dr. Colleen Huber. It references over 700 studies.

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How do we solve these problems? What is their root cause for almost all of them?

The proper question, is this:

What is the biggest solvable problem we can fix if we can find ways to work together better as humans?

We believe the answer is this:

Stop the corruption in our systems: systems of government, medicine, science, food, academia, and more.

BUT -we cannot fight the old systems. We need to create new systems that make the old ones obsolete, and migrate to the new ones. High trust systems. Transparent systems. Decentralized systems. Systems that are much much harder to corrupt.

We are working on these types of systems and need your help. Come be part of the solution, together.

This article explains how we can run systems like governments or businesses with this type of high trust system. But that's not all Human Swarm Intelligence can do if we build the right ecosystem for it.


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Thanks for these important posts that sometimes allude one.

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If people saw these articles, they might have a fit. But then again, maybe not. The vast majority of the population are drones.

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Great stuff, as usual! Keep it up!

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Why is Tom Rentz stating you have to sue the DOD? That is false. These companies Pfizer, Moderna, fraudulently created a bio weapon and the trial documents for the vaccine were fraudulent and they inserted the cancer causing agents and did not list it in there documents for approval. When fraud is involved it supersedes everything else and immunity is invalid.

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I would subscribe for $5 per month. I would like to but can't justify $8.

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