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My husband was murdered in the hospital after being given REMDESEVIR against our wishes! He was past the point that he should have been given REMDESEVIR and we were denied when we asked for Ivermectin and HCQ just like so many others! My husband was a Navy veteran, a great husband, father and grandpa and died at age 50!!!! All for greed!!!

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When I tried to tell people that it seemed like this was going on, I was told that "That can't be true. Doctors wouldn't do that. I'm sure their doing what they think is best for the patients regardless of how it seems."

The level of evil that exits in trusted positions is staggering when you finally see it.

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My sister in law was taken to hospital with severe illness (supposed covid), put on a vent, given rendesivir, never woke up & died. My brother & I were heartbroken. We knew they had murdered her.

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The Vaccinated

Are Starting To Realize

That Once They Get Sick

They Are Not Going To Get Better.

The Freak-Out Has Begun.


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that's my detailed analysis of a Hospital ER to morgue homicide straight from a medical record. it's amazing these doctors are still working.

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I spent 2 months in the hospital for covid, from mid-December 2021 to early February 2022. I was 49, unvaccinated, and admittedly pretty overweight. I did not want to go to the hospital, but we couldn't find monoclonal antibodies or oxygen on a Saturday. My husband, his mom, and our family doctor all urged I go. I agreed to Remdesivir in the ER only because the doctor told me they would monitor by kidneys and liver closely (I told him I knew it failed ebola trials) and that I could stop it at any time. To the hospital's credit, they actually complied when I refused any more after the second day. What I did not know then was that the only possible time Remdesivir can help is during viral replication. I was well past that point at eight days into the infection. I asked for Ivermectin. The doctor told me it didn't work (I knew this was a lie).

On my sixth night in the hospital (after the doctor told me I was doing well and only needed more time), they woke me from sleeping and told me that since my oxygen saturation wasn't staying above 89%, they needed to switch me from the high flow nasal cannula to a bipap. (Oxygen saturation normally drops while sleeping.) After only 10 or 15 minutes, they declared I had failed the bipap and must be ventilated. I told them I wanted to talk to my husband first. (I hadn't seen him since they admitted me into the hospital.) I had NEVER once through all of this had physical difficulty breathing, only keeping my oxygen saturation up. I told them I didn't want to be ventilated, that I knew the statistics that 80-90% of those ventilated die. The doctor told me that in that hospital, it was more like 50-50%. I didn't see that as much of an improvement.

My husband is a heavy sleeper, and didn't hear the phone until around 5 am. I told him I loved him, and asked him to tell our 10-yo son and 14-yo daughter that I loved them. We didn't get to talk very long, and I didn't get to talk to the kids at all. I was sure I was going to die and was the most frightened I've ever been, even though I knew where I was going when I died. A nurse told me I could squeeze her hand as they put me under.

At the end of December, they told my husband they needed to perform a tracheostomy to prevent infection. But they refused to do so unless he changed my code status to Do Not Resuscitate. A couple days later, he allowed the change in code status, and my tracheostomy was performed in early January. I ended up with secondary bacterial pneumonia from the ventilator. Apparently they had difficulty weaning me from sedation. I was deep in vivid medicinally-induced psychotic fever dreams. When I awoke around the second week of January, I couldn't move due to muscle wasting, and I couldn't speak because of the tracheostomy. Then began the process of physical and occupational therapy to learn how to sit up, stand up, and walk over again. After being totally weaned from the ventilator, my trach tube was removed and I was back on the nasal cannula and able to speak again. They wanted to send me to a long-term-care facility, but I'm so thankful none had space for me so I was able to be discharged straight to home. I left the hospital on 2 lpm of oxygen at rest, and 10 lpm while ambulating, and using a walker. The discharging doctor told me she hoped I'd get vaccinated in the next couple of months.

I'm so thankful that my husband came to visit me every evening as soon as I was out of isolation, and that my church and a close friend had each sent balloons and flowers to my room, so that the hospital knew that there would be people upset if I passed. I'm so very thankful for the prayers of many, even some I don't even know. I'm thankful for wonderful nurses (the doctors not so much). Even a couple of nurses prayed with me.

I often wonder if I hadn't refused any more Remdesivir (or if the hospital had not complied with my refusal), or if my vitamin D blood serum level hadn't been so high (106), if I wouldn't have made it... The hospital bill was about $620,000. The Remdesivir 20%-bonus on the entire hospital bill would have been $124,000, not to mention whatever bonus they got for ventilating me.... I can only assume they got the Remdesivir bonus, otherwise, they probably would have kept giving it to me after the second day to make sure they got it.

It's been 15 months since I came home. I can now do most everything I used to do, but do have permanent lung scarring and still require oxygen supplementation with exertion. But I praise God that I am still alive and get to be my husband and two kids a little longer. It is truly a miracle.

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I am not able to say a lot but I am a medical practitioner and the husband of one of my patients was admitted to ED with COvid - he walked to the ambulance, responded to oxiygen, but on arrival to hospital was not trialled on oxygen but immediately sedated against his will, ventilated, administered remdesevir without his wife's knowledge or permission. ALl requests fro Vit D. zinc, Iv Vit C, ivermectin etc were denied and ignored. We were told he only had 2 days to live due to secondary ventilator-induced lung damage, so we instigated an immediate court action; opposed by the top government solicitor although it was a private hospital- although he was out of Covid, we were told that they would only follow Covid protocol. I pushed for NAC ( as he had self administered paracetamol high/toxic dose and his LFTs has gone off; finally they agreed to this, he rallied; we then pushed for reducing ventilator and weaning; he was off in 5 days and out of hospital another couple of weeks. He is now doing lung rehab and progressing very well. All the damage was nosocomial, not Covid. By the way, if anyone tales paracetamol, please don't - it depletes your NAC and hence glutathione and adds to liver stress, oxidative stress, immune dysfunction.

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It seems the same MO was adopted in the UK. (Medazolam etc)

The mainstream medical profession/ institutions can simply never be trusted again.

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Incentives matter!


Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Free individuals should be able to make their own decisions about what type of end-of-life care they want, if they even want any at all. (Personally, I’d rather my cash went to my family rather than the healthcare industry, but I’m a strange bean.) But when government gets involved, the central planners are going to centrally plan. That means reducing your life, or the life of a loved one, to a figure on an Excel spreadsheet.

Maybe they don’t call these people “death panels”, (in wokespeak they would obviously be Transcendence & Resurrection Assistance Professionals) but in the end the result is the same: medical officials attempting to lead you to medical procedures that will lead to your death.

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As a licensed physician I sat with a family member for 2 months and fended off terrible care. So many atrocious decisions and abuses that almost killed him left me no choice but to think it was all intentional. He was legally “Do Not Intubate” and I was his medical surrogate, at bedside, and still they intubated him multiple times unnecessarily. When his gallbladder ruptured, in the hospital and under their care, they ignored him for 5 days while he sat marinating in his own digestive acids, until he became septic and his kidneys failed, after which they finally operated to remove his gallbladder, but not soon enough as he then required kidney dialysis for weeks. They kept him in 4 point restraints unnecessarily and against protocol and sedated him so heavily he could barely breathe spontaneously. They prevented us multiple times from transferring him to accepting hospitals nearer to his young children who hadn’t seen him in months. I had an acquaintance at one hospital reveal that after all paperwork from all parties had been approved, his attending physician had secretly reneged the transfer. This is when it became clear to me that he was being held hostage and we would need to escape if we ever hoped to leave. After weeks of trying to help him escape, it was only with the help of a nurse and a professional extraction team with private jet on stand-by that I was able to get him out of there. Despite their best efforts, he is now home and fully recovered. This experience changed me forever as a person and as a physician.

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Attorney Thomas Renz is a warrior.

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Our son had a melanoma removed from his back after years of using sunscreen and avoiding the sun. After a few months he started getting lumps in his armpits. Covid lock downs were present. The doctor who would finally see him said the lumps were no problem. It was concerning to our Tom.

Then he calls us enroute to UCSF hospital with "brain cancer". He had had some covid shots by then.

'Emergency overnight surgery by this world renowned team' but not before they "catches up on all the covid boosters". No boosters, no surgery!

They fed him this hype that his team had all the answers. We begged him to get off all sugar and do fasting. He said "the team" had a complete plan.

After a few months the initial stuff wasn't working and he wasn't sure what the next strategy was.

In 8 months he was dead! He had taken the jab to be able to work as a financial adviser to elderly people. He loved them.

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The saddest part about all this is now they're trying to sweep this whole thing under the rug like it never happened. And since our legal system is in the same boat as they are. It's unlikely we will see any justice.

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Two things happened at a local hospital when my husband had a stroke months after he had a covid variant, he never got the vax thank God.

first odd situation was in an elevator going to visit my husband a doctor coordinator of my husband treatment asked me if I wanted to hold back treatment if he was going to not make it. I was surprised he would ask me a question like that in an elevator and that he expected an answer!

I said I couldn’t answer that because that situation was not happening at the moment and then I told him that it was supposed to be a legal document that needed to be signed and not in an elevator.

The second thing was an ICU NURSE in charge of my husband in ICU told me most of the doctors left the hospital after so many covid deaths happened there and after 30 years she was leaving to because she was doing triple time to make up for lack of doctors.


My husband was out of that hospital after 3 nights. I, my son and his fiancé were in the room with him all day even after visiting hours.

This is the only stroke hospital in my area. One more incident. The doctor who saved my husband left the profession entirely and no one will tell us why. Odd. Don’t you think?

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This is my mother's story.

First I want to thank Dr. Ardis for providing the information on the NIH site's that Ivermectin is an approved treatment for covid19 (as well as for any flu or cold) and his directive to physicians regarding Covid19 treatments that says not to ventilate or use Remdesivir. Everyone should carry a copy with them.

In mid 2021, I was watching Dr. Ardis's interview with Laura Lynn (Live with Laura Lynn) about the NIH approval to use Ivermectin for covid19 treatment and that many doctors and patients don't know about this approval. For some reason, I copied and printed the info on NIH's page. I thank God that I did because that is what saved my mother's life.

My mother is 89 years old (now, 90 years old as of March 2023). She has no health problems, takes no medication, walks 45 minutes almost every day, drives a car, and still plays golf. She has never taken any flu shot and will never take the covid vax. Her favorite motto is "I don't doctor".

In mid-October of 2021, she was feeling weak and tired and didn't feel like eating. This lasted for 10 days until she was taken by a family member to the ER.

At the ER she waited several hours to be seen. She was put on an IV and was waiting to do tests. The hospital wanted her to do a pcr test (since she wasn't covid-vaxxed) and she said no. Yet, the following day she did because my sister wasn't allowed in her room if she didn't take the test. Of course the result was positive (who knows if she just had a cold or the flu, because there is NO diagnostic test for “Covid”).

So now the doctor wanted to give her Remdesiver and put her on a ventilator (she was currently on oxygen). I live abroad and talked with family and gave them the info on NIH that Dr. Ardis talked about and told them to give it to the doctor and tell him we didn't want my mom taking Remdisiver or being put on a ventilator, and that we wanted Ivermectin given to her and that it was an approved NIH treatment for covid.

That night I bought a plane ticket, packed my bag and I got on a flight the next morning to help and get my mom out of the hospital. Meanwhile, a doctor (I believe sent by God) gave my family a prescription for ivermectin for my mom and got it filled and the next day, got my mom out of the hospital.

My mom took Ivermectin and Zinc Sulfate and had oxygen for a week. She is completely recovered, walking again, and looking great. If it wasn't for me watching Dr. Ardis, I wouldn't have known about NIH's approval for Ivermectin (although I knew about Ivermectin treatment from Dr. Zev Zelenko) and what to say to the hospital. Ivermectin works.

Please tell everyone to carry the "Medical Directive to Physicians" form with them if they go to the hospital (even if they go for something besides covid). And follow Dr. Zelenko's protocol https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/treatment-protocol/ and be prepared with all medications and an oxygen pulse reader and have knowledge of a doctor/pharmacist that will prescribe Ivermectin/HCQ. We must be proactive and not rely on hospitals.

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Why aren't these hospitals being sued for intentional deaths?

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