This POS McCarthy is Deep-State. The US Congress has been bought and paid for.

All those members who initially voted for McCarthy in the House and McConnell in the Senate are Uni-party snakes under the control of the Deep-State Oligarchy.


The Deep-State Oligarchy planned and initiated the most horrific crime in human history.

The covid vaccine is meant as a vehicle of mass murder for the purposes of depopulation and sabotage of the human genome.

If true, then the American ruling class is the most evil ruling class in human history.

If they can't implement their NWO = the enslavement of humanity, then expect for them, a short victorious nuclear war.

Only Russia stands in the way of victory. That's why the Oligarchy in Wash. is talking Armageddon.

I thought the far-Left only hated White people but no, they hate humanity and McCarthy is part of it.

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It's about time eh?

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Waste of time. Better to just overturn the fake election of 2020, put Trump in or hold another paper ballot at the polls only vote.

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they impeached Trump in 2 weeks so we need to make sure this House does not drag its feet. Make the case and vote to impeach. Legit or not does not matter. It did not matter when they impeached Trump so we do not owe Biden any better. Get it done and get it done fast. No matter what the Senate will not remove Biden so just vote and impeach. If you don't then we know you are not serious.

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You're all full of shit. If many took a gullibilty test they'd fail miserably. The whole thing is a show. Where's this donkeys Ukraine pin he wore religiously during his BS appointing and before. Like this guy above me. It's about time? OMG> IT"S A FUCKING SHOW SO DONKEYS LIKE HER THINK SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!

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IMO it's a misdirection play because the RINOs don't want to defund Jack Smith, or close the border, or stop sending money to Ukraine. September 30 is approaching and McCarthy is feeling the heat so this is the best option for him since come on, the Senate is never going to vote to impeach Biden.

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While criminality and judicial misconduct choke J6 political prisoners and President Trump, McCarthy belly-crawls toward the LONG OVERDUE impeachment of a career political criminal, FJB.

Crawl on “make-believe” Speaker.

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My only possible response to this after years of knowing this as American citizens is "better late than never.". and "maybe it is a good start."

Plus a word to any possible legal maneuverings in the United States.

Enemies like these politicians are allied with nefarious forces who are definitely not American and who certainly do not have the interests of America at heart.

When they begin mentioning the actual allied forces of the New World Order then we may understand they are serious.

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What took they so long? The Democrats have shown via their impeachment’s against Trump that you do not need actual facts nor do you need to have the ability to cross examine witnesses or have any sense of due process.

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who cares. why do you insist on observing political theater?

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Sep 12·edited Sep 12

Perhaps the biggest "plus" here, is that a formal inquiry enables them to have greater access/scrutiny of documents and records than, to this point, they have been unable to enjoy.

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Finally! I hope he gets the support necessary to follow through.

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Please visit


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what about the impeachment for violating his oath to uphold the constitution by abridging the free speech of citizens. True, they are all corrupt. Even at this point the entire congress should be calling for a vote to overturn the 1986 vaccine act. It is clear that words don't seem to matter even if the definition doesn't fit just change the definition to make the word mean what you say. This act has been used to ruin an entire two generations of Americans. it needs to stop as it has given way to much corruption and criminal behavior.

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Trump is the Deep-State's nemesis.

His election would be another Black-Swan event like in 2016.

Tucker Carlson thinks he may be "sanctioned".

I think he will be convicted by a tainted jury.

The conviction will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

On the way, he will be barred from running.

He will get a life-sentence [= 10 years?].

The Supreme Court will uphold the conviction.

It will be suspended with the proviso that he never utters another political word.

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Watch McCarthy do his best to slow to a crawl the impeachment proceedings.

This will happen in order to give the Deep-State Oligarchy time to carry out their counter actions.

The Oligarchy needs to find a replacement.

Karmala Harris won't do.... They keep her under wraps because she is in hysterical fear of the Oligarchy and can't control her emotions.


Dementia Joe won't be put on trial, the Deep-State won't permit that.

He will be declared mentally unfit [because he is] and quietly be retired.

Hunter may get a show trial after the 2024 rigged election.

The main problem for the Oligarchy is finding a replacement who likes being a proxy president.

Possibly, Kamala will agree to stay in the VP slot and McCarthy will engineer a suitable replacement.

Obama? No, he and Michelle have been outed.

HEY!! ,

How about McCarthy himself? He's shown himself to be a good soldier for the Oligarchy---just ask Jim Jordan.




He will get the rigged nomination, not Trump and will be the next proxy President.

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