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Bill Gates should be barred from buying US farmland and forced to sell what he has.

ChiComs shouldn't just be barred from owning farms, they should be barred from owning *any* US real estate. Not just ChiComs. *Any* foreign nationals. "Domestic" mutual funds like Blackrock & Vanguard too. And funds should be barred from voting the shares underlying mutual funds (why so many corporations went "woke").

The "Libertarian" anything-goes agenda is national suicide. They claim to be for free markets & property rights, but their "laissez faire" immigration, 1-way "free trade" & pro-oligopoly polices yield:

*Massive redistribution of voting control & wealth -- globalism, socialism

*Miserable rat race/sardine can quality of life

*Destruction of liberty, security, dignity, freedom of movement (gridlock), culture

*Darwinian cost of living-housing-food, homelessness

*Destruction of jobs, industries and real median income

*Big Pharma tyranny

And that's just Libertarian-Light as practiced by "Libertarian" RINOs & corrupt GOP establishment beltway types. Full "Libertarianism" is vastly worse. Imagine no numerical limits on legal immigration:

"Welcome to the [Former] USA. Population 3 BILLION." LOLibertarian nirvana!

The Federal Trade Commission & "Antitrust" Divn of the DO"J" are infested with LOLibertarians & businesswhore RINOs. That's why Microsoft wasn't broken up & Bill Gates can buy all that land and conspire to inject us all with deadly "vaccines". Also why other tyrannical big tech & social media oligopolies get to abuse market power to censor & cancel, virtually never broken up anymore.

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He invested in the same crystal ball as Nancy for stocks eh …

He grew up with a Daddy working on the Master Race plan with his buddy Marge Sanger .

He’s connected with Master Race perv Epstein.

He’s connected with WEF.

Gates is a lunatic Psychopath, installed by whom?

He’s not that intelligent, he’s just void of all human empathy, hence, a perfect tool for evil.

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Gates made his money from fraud. As a true sociopath he stole the software for his computers from IBM etc. Then had people design virus after virus so they could sell the solution. The innocculation. Thousands of business went bust and people lost time and money then he met Fauci..and the virus began all over again. Killing millions with his jabs , he does not care , nor Fauci and the rest all psychopaths. Time people all started looking up the sociopaths in banks, government, corporates and removed them. Or they will destroy humanity and the planet. ' ISLOS LAW '

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Out of curiosity, I searched the virus timeline to compare with bill gates entering the world of international public "health".

According to this article in Forbes, (The Second Coming of Bill Gates, Mathew Herper Nov 2, 2011) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation entered the public health scene in 1997 with a focus on birth control, then did a 180 in 1999 and "moved pretty heavily into vaccines", stating "The magic tool of health is the vaccine". Interesting article.

1918-Spanish Flu

1957-Asian Flu

1968-Hong Kong Flu

1976-Swine Flu


1999-West Nile Virus






2020-Covid 19

2022-Monkey Pox

I don't know what this means, but it appears the worlds Virus Frequency accelerated once he entered the vaccine scene. Coincidence?

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Piggybacking off Joe spot on comment.

Gates is a specimen of bad health, including mental health.

His weird hand gestures, grinning at inappropriate times, giggles at tragedy.

He’s not stable.

Should never have any say in world affairs.

Considering what he grew up with, a dad that believed Blacks should be eradicated.

That is some sick shit.

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Corbett Report does an excellent exploration of Bilbo Gates - lord of the Rx.

Ps, everyone should follow James Corbett...


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Mr. Moobs has a god complex. And he appears to not have a conscience. And he's powerful and filthy rich. That is not a good combination.

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Thank you for opening the comments! ❤️

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Feb 2·edited Feb 2

Damn straight Jimmy! And that's putting it nicely. Imo, Billy Goat Gates of Hell. Thanks V.

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Bravo !! And -- Russian Ukraine Endgame: End of Russia or end of Globalism?


OUTSTANDING – A must listen.

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Spread the truth!!

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The devil looks after his own!

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The Potato in Chief has been reading from his script over a year ago warning about food shortages. Bill gates keeps warning about more pandemics.

These control freaks with a god complex are either clairvoyant, or they have plans for us.

My bet is on the latter.

“Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.”

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Arrest Birx, Fauci and all CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA and big pharma and big tech. executives involved.

Fraud and homicide are not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

RICO laws apply now! The DOJ better wake the Fk Up and get busy!

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