I convinced someone to check out of a NJ hospital before they administered Remdesevir. He had been given oxygen and his O2 was up to 96% and sustaining. Then they said they wanted to give him RDV. I had been through Covid and I told him that 96 blood/oxygen level is fantastic. If they wanted to give something ask for monoclonal antibodies. They refused so I said to get out of there. They made him feel like he was insane for leaving. It was crazy how they mentally screwed w him. But he stuck to his guns and signed himself out. He’s fine today.

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>> “you should incentivize the outcomes you want, right?”

They WERE incentivizing exactly the outcome they wanted. They wanted (and still want) lots and lots of dead seniors, who will no longer be collecting social security money or billing Medicare for anything....

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I was just talking with my 93 year old dad about his dad, my grandfather who died at 95 in 91. He always stayed far away from doctors ajd hospitals. He refused to go no matter what his condition and constantly made jokes about them practicing on you. He died in his bed of old age. I was lucky. I was informed early what a sham it is. When you grow up doubting and asking questions its huge. The opposite of this would be believing without examination while having blind trust in govt agencies.

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Please share:

Canadian Woman Dies 3 Hours After Receiving COVID Jab. Family COERCED to Sign an NDA In Order To Collect Her Ashes

Her son, Mark Thomas has been diagnosed with vaccine-induced deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the same condition that lead to his mother's sudden death


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Bad news, Mr. Fox, it's found in the breast milk now. New article in JAMA.

September 26, 2022

Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk

Nazeeh Hanna, MD1; Ari Heffes-Doon, MD1; Xinhua Lin, PhD

Backup of the article, because it is a guest access key URL:


The original JAMA site cannot be preserved by the Way Back Machine, so we had to archive the archive-today version. Therefore the formatting of the following is a bit weird, but the content is still preserved thankfully.


I encourage the readers who are sharing the JAMA info, include a link to the first archive link I included, in order to preserve the information for your audience.

Look at how the authorities were the real misinformation spreaders previously:

"COVID-19 vaccines are strongly recommended to breastfeeding women. There is no plausible mechanism by which any vaccine ingredient could pass to your baby through breast milk. You should therefore not stop breastfeeding in order to be vaccinated against COVID-19."

- Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists


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Sep 26, 2022·edited Sep 26, 2022

More on hospital death protocols, and incentives. Two attorneys suing for answers


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I don’t think that is totally accurate. Yes if there is a Covid diagnosis, Medicare pays you 20% more. Yes, if you are intubated, Medicare pays way more for that hospital visit. But the 20% bonus is not dependent on remdesivir, it is based on Covid diagnosis. The real reason remdesivir was prescribed was simply because it was the only fda approved treatment. The doctors had nothing else that they would or could prescribe. And not prescribing remdesivir would probably be grounds for a malpractice lawsuit if the patient died. So once again, the FDA ended up killing people by making remdesivir the only drug that could be prescribed.

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An old friend from high school called me because he was in the early stages of C19 illness and he knew I had successfully treated many. I advised him to begin an early treatment protocol including zinc and IVM. His condition worsened during the day before any treatment (he was unprepared and had no supplies on hand) and he went to an Urgent Care which put him in an ambulance that delivered him to John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA. He was admitted and told he would be given monoclonal antibody treatment and an infusion was given. The following morning he found out that he was actually given remdesivir instead of antibodies and that a second infusion was to be given. He told me over the phone from the hospital that he didn’t know why he had been admitted at all as he didn’t feel that sick. He said he was concerned that they were just admitting him for the money. He decided to leave despite the nurses threatening to “report” him to the doctor, etc. He gathered his things together, went home and ended up doing just fine.

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Here is the connection.

The weaponization of the coronavirus was started at UNC Chapel Hill.

Guess what?

UNC Chapel Hill develops Remdesivir.


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This is ALL a direct result of our inability to confront our own mortality.

We will go to great lengths to extend our existence. It matters not that we have created an unacceptable world...

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This is strange.... From this article's quote of Dr Paul Marik:

"Unfortunately, as you know, patients are imprisoned in the hospital. They have no rights; the hospital dictates what doctors will treat [them] with. ..."

Patients CAN sign themselves out & even simply walk out of a hospital. Ofc if they are so incapacitated by illness that itself presents a physical problem of movement. But the family can - & a few have - removed their loved one from a hospital that does NOT properly care for that person.

Most of DDG search results are of "anti-vaxxers" trying to remove loved ones from hospitals or trying to get them to be given other than the standard ventilator "treatment". However when I changed search string to: "COVID patient escapes from hospital survive" (NO quotes included), I finally got the item above, now at a substack: https://mohodgeministries.substack.com/p/woman-escapes-covid-19-hospital-treatment

This type incident is being hidden?? Could be,... so that others do not try. Circulate the info!!

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Our systems have been captured and corrupted by globalists. If we don’t fix the point of corruption this will keep happening and our societies will continue to slide into tyranny We need to re-infiltrate our own governments, but with a different kind of person. One we actually trust.

Maybe like this? https://joshketry.substack.com/p/we-need-to-re-infiltrate-our-own

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