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Thank you for fighting and bringing truth. I’ve been following Dr. McCullough all along, and thankfully I stood firm in my gut instinct that these were an assault on the human race. Every single day my decision is validated.

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Could you help with this writer and info? Is this legit? This is terrifying and has not been fully vetted or confirmed by those I follow so I’m not sure what to make of it.


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You see, while this is important information coming in from all sides, my problem with such eye-opening news is that everybody with a brain knows that 9/11 was an insider job, but the result, the (Un)Patriot(ic) Act, is still in effect.

What's the point in knowing?


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It’s far worse than just that they knew. Of course they knew. This is deliberate democide.

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Prosecute Fauci

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Just what many of us suspected back in the even darker days of early 2020. Those of us who sensed we were being conned and tried to warn others just knew. And there was precious little actual data and evidence. Even with the truth coming out the scope and magnitude of these criminal acts is huge and will take years to dismantle if even possible. We have been living with this kind of knowledge most of our lives and yet nearly everyone hangs onto the mainstream messages of lies and distortion.

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I wonder when Bourla and the others will be running off to israel that will never extradite them to any other country provided they bring their ill gotten gains with them?

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We are looking at the biggest crime ever on this planet in history!

It is high time for EVERYONE to finally wake up to the facts!

WAR is now being started everywhere for !

Don't get fooled by that MAFIA!

Be alert - everyone!


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Kudos to attorney Aaron Siri and the sharp team of investigators under Naomi Wolf's compassionate direction. Although most of this information has been evident for quite a while, it is very important that the facts about the death and damage caused by the bioweapons, aka "safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines" comes from the mouth of devil itself, Pfizer. These documents will play an important part in many law suites that are being filed and that will be filed against Big Pharma and our government agencies. It is hoped that these cases will lead to a massive Nuremburg type trial where Fauci, Gates, Bourla, etc. will be sentenced to death.

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I hope that this is the beginning of Pfizer and Moderna going down. Please look out for anything written by Steve Kirsch. He is going full bore after these people. He is extremely wealthy, used to be a huge Democrat donor (last count is was $23 million donated) . So he can't be accused of being a right wing nutjob

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Thanks Vigilant Fox. BTW are you posting less on Rumble lately? Rumble did an update that I'm not happy about and all my subscribed to channels after the letter "T" I can no longer see. You were alphabetized there ofcourse under "V" and I'm having a difficult time getting my full subscribed to channels list back without having to search by individual channel names. Pain in the a... I also heard Rumble.com has been banned in France recently.

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If Pfizer/FDA knew within a month after rollout that the shots do not work, the only purposes in continuing sales and distribution was for massive monetary rewards for running a vast ‘hidden’ genocidal program as a horrific set of intergenerational harms were unleashed with ZERO informed consent.

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It all goes back to basic logic that was available to us from the start of this: YOU CANNOT MAKE A NEW VACCINE FOR A NEW DISEASE IN WEEKS OR MONTHS. It takes many years - 5-10. So either this was a fake vaccine or it had been concocted before for a disease that was unknown, which meant....they had to have created the disease too.

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Dr Naomi Wolf findings or rather analysis re targeting testes the male spermatazoa affecting the masculinity of the male population ... plus she was able to prove it!

Love to listen to her clip on this!!


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Understood the theme of horror here.

A word of caution.

You write, “While 61 families were grieving the death of their loved ones and the other 214 were seeking care for their family members post-stroke, Pfizer was too busy with their marketing campaign. ‘Safe and effective.’”

Pfizer, the product manufacturer, did no marketing or advertising. They did not have an FDA approved product (EUA is not FDA approval.) All the top players knew it and knew that marketing and advertising was off the table for the manufacturer.

The “marketing and advertising” was done by government and media.

I understand your point. My point is it’s the details that can be correctly targeted that the opposition can twist to their benefit, or your detriment, that can properly discredit you. One tiny mistake. I know it, you now see it.

I humbly suggest you correct this fine detail in your record. You get my point.

You’re doing great work, Vigilant Fox. Truly. Don’t take this copy editing correction personally.

*edit: suggested correction

“...Pfizer’s shills in government and media were too busy with their marketing campaign...”

Though we know now that DoD contracted for the manufacture of these products -“countermeasures” per the contracts- this rewording keeps the onus on Pfizer, where you placed it. It’s also true that as FDA was stalling on FOIA in court, Pfizer got involved there aiming for 75 years instead of the 55 FDA had initially petitioned for. Pfizer bears responsibility, absolutely. All the players do. The intricacies will come to light. Lotta words ‘splainin’ one small copy editing suggestion.

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We need to keep focused on the real perpetrators of this crime. The DOD. It is not big pharma, FDA, CDC, HHS, NIH. They are just cover for the DOD. Not that every member of these organizations past and present need to be hung but the manufacturer of the bio weapon injection is the DOD. They are in total control. The FDA,CDC cannot stop the bio weapon injection. They do not have ANY authority. The crimes are covered and protected by the OTA which requires nothing more than the creation of a product. The safety trials were all fake. The pandemic was fake. So let’s laser focus on the DOD and stay on target until this breaks the news barrier.

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