Soon as I saw in the legacy news that the infections AND hospitalizations were up by that much, only thing I could think of was those damn shots. Abd if course here (in Canada) they've been approved right down to babyhood. Poor little souls.

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My family felt great pressure to take the vaccine here in Israel, no movies, restaurants, nail or hair salon, yoga class, Shul and more, we were excluded from because of the green pass port. We saw life long anti Vaxer’s say they just want their life back and take the shot. Now we were never anti vaxers, but forcing people, well that meant to us, it was no good.

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There have been seeing increasing posts within my FB church groups that ask for prayers because their kids and babies are suffering from RSV. My first thought is always, “Is the kid vaccinated?”. The new booster is out and it’s amazing how many people have had “a really bad upper respiratory infection” and flu with weeks. didn’t everyone just get their flu vaccines too? Many of my family members had both jabs together and got knocked to their beds.

I the unvaxed rebel have been the primary caretaker for my 89 yo mother since April. I did not expose her to so much as so much as a head cold. She left to go spend the winter with my brothers vaxxed family in Carolina 2 weeks ago. She couldn’t stay in my brothers house because everyone was sick, so she had to stay with another brother.

I think she was safer with the radical unvaxed, then with the compliant and unthinking vaxxed. I worry for her health this winter.

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If the injections indeed inhibit one's immune system then of course viral infections will go up among the jabbed. What a bonanza for health care! Should be renamed $ick Care, lots of disease and poor health makes hospitals and drug companies wealthy and powerful. No wonder they love the injections.

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What is it going to take for these people to be prosecuted for what they have done to this world? When are people going to start calling the vaccine for what it really is? It is a kill shot to destroy the immune system and kill as many as possible. Our fraudulent federal government is all in on the plan. Things must change soon and from what I've heard from several prophets I listen too, people are already going down and there will be many more to come. The Biden admin is getting ready to fall very soon from what these prophets are saying and so are other world leaders.

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ALARM about Musk’s Twitter -- https://substack.com/inbox/post/81487823

Meet the New Boss…Same as the Old Boss -- Scott Ritter on his most recent suspension from Twitter

Scott’s suspension was on Oct. 29 reinstated for his initial tweet (below):

“The Ukrainian National Police committed numerous crimes against humanity in Bucha. Biden, in seeking to shift blame for the Bucha murders to Russia, is guilty of aiding and abetting these crimes. Congratulations America…. We’ve created yet another Presidential war criminal !!”

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Everyone should understand that many CA school districts do not allow medical or religious exemptions. These are 100% vaccinated populations. If 1,000 kids are out sick in 1-2 days, 100% of those children were vaccinated.

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Maybe I just don’t hang in the right circles, but I had never heard of RSV before this year......

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This seems to be a giant worldwide test to get rid of all the stupid and the weak, and ensure only the strong and smart survive, thus improving the gene pool overall.

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I believe these viruses may also affect the unvaccinated as well since we have a higher pressure in the population of that virus. I saw this with mono. However NOT with the shingles increase because shingles does not cause shingles outbreak in another person. So I saw the increase only in the vaccinated

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My son, my daughter, my baby grandson and I, all of us unvaccinated, are going through RSV at the moment. How is this happening? Thankfully, we use Biomagnetic Pair Therapy to treat all pathogens.

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Well I can see why you would give kids a toxic genetic cell therapy that give them respiratory diseases to keep the doctors and hospitals profitable, and medical insurance companies with increased premiums, makes perfect sense right? Oh, and increasing there profit at the same time.

Big pharm is getting good at creating a solid patient bases for the medical profession aren't they.

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My question is though with child vaccine uptake at 2% or less does that account for the amount of RSV rise we see? Seems the numbers would be off. Not sure maybe you have numbers to support it being so. The other thing is my kids have both had bad infections back to back in the last two months and they are all pure bloods and I have heard of this happening with many many other friends and I'm sure not all of them have vaxxed kids even though I live in a very liberal place. So why would my kids be getting so sick too? I've been trying to figure this out and wondering if a compromised immune system would allow for more infection and lengthier period of illness also lengthening infectivity. Also what about possibility of compromised immune systems allowing for more mutation? Any thoughts or data would be appreciated.

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Oct 31, 2022·edited Oct 31, 2022

It seems plausible to me that the C-19 "vaccines" impair the immune system and lead to other infectious diseases such as RSV.

But I think I found an error in your reasoning here, and I feel I should tell you where, before you get a backlash.

First, the link you provide for Pfizer is not the right one (it's for 12-15 and 16-25 yo people.)

The 6 month-4 year old Pfizer document is here: https://cacmap.fda.gov/media/159195/download (from this page: https://cacmap.fda.gov/advisory-committees/advisory-committee-calendar/vaccines-and-related-biological-products-advisory-committee-june-14-15-2022-meeting-announcement#event-materials )

It's true they found 5 bronchiolitis in the vaccine group and 3 in the placebo group. But since the vaccine group was twice as numerous as the placebo group, the proportions are about the same, and it cannot be used as an evidence.

It doesn't affect the whole reasoning, but I understand we shouldn't rely on the number of bronchiolitis in the Pfizer trial for their vaccine in 6m-4y children.

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I wonder if Florida is having a severe RSV outbreak since it is not recommended for children by Dr. Ladapo.

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Please check and correct your links to the EUA docs!

(And some analysis and discussion about risks alternative treatments...)

I followed the links to the Moderna and Pfizer that are used in your article.

These links (currently in your article), are INCORRECT, AND SHOW NO REFERENCE to RSV:-




The ABOVE links are INCORRECT.

The BELOW links (I found them by internet search), are CORRECT.

This is the Pfizer doc that contains the screen-shotted quote:


This is the Moderna that contains the screen-shotted quote:




There is good reason to believe that vaccine-induced innate immune suppression will increase respiratory virus illness:-



There is a dose dependency in the FDA EUA reports: (assuming the Moderna still carries three times the mRNA of the Pfizer). The Moderna showed a likely statistically significant increase in severe hospitalised respiratory disease, while the Pfizer probably did not ** in the context of this out of 'flu season trial**.


These documents are advocacy documents (i.e. pro-vaccine); there is no independent advocacy for the vaccine safety side of the story, so the summary comments are to be taken with a grain of salt. Still worth a read though.


The numbers of RSV cases were small, so the absolute risk from vaccination, (in this trial, at the time it was conducted), was probably not worth worrying about (i.e hardly any kids in either arm of the trial got RSV). However, during the winter coughs and colds season,

(when RSV peaks - https://www.theepochtimes.com/health/scientists-struggle-to-explain-why-covid-spared-unjabbed_4906315.html),

the absolute risk of child hospitalisation from vaccine-induced innate immune suppression will probably be highly significant. I hope the authorities will be checking for this.


There are reasons other than vaccination for RSV and Influenza to peak this northern hemisphere winter.


RSV (like COVID) is an RNA virus, so it likely will respond to the same repurposed drugs, vitamins and herbals, that are used against COVID.

Therefore follow this advice:


I've followed this advice for two years now (esp. with regard to vitamin D) and, - COVID notwithstanding - I have never had such mild colds and 'flu's. I wish I had known their stuff when I was 50 years younger!

There is always hope. But we do need to keep talking.

Stay calm. Keep loving. Go well.

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