I'm just going to throw a couple things out here. Just musing with nothing concrete behind it. Could we consider that the shots are damaging the blood and perhaps other cells, and as we've seen LNPs are distributed to the ovaries; moreover, if the menstrual cycle is affected it could be a way of the body trying to cleanse from the damage done (e.g. damaged cells, or ghost red blood cells that have lost their hemoglobin by means of hypotonic or hypertonic environments)? Therefore, if the body is: (1) able to replenish the blood loss (2) replenish with healthy red blood cells and (3) replenish with cells that are not synthesizing spike protein, approximations of spike protein, or misfolded spike protein, could a female potentially be helping her body heal through menstruation? As follow-up, knowing if reverse transcriptase has occurred or is occurring and also whether various birth control methods could be preventing the cleansing of the female body should also be researched. I am not a scientist, but as a female with some common sense, these are the questions that I would be asking. I would want to know which manufacturers or batches have caused these problems, and if it is an ongoing problem or one that will subside with time.

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Updated article shows that the Endotoxin in the Pfizer jabs can explain Menstrual and Fertility damage. Pfizer desperate to stop us finding how much Endotoxin in each Batch or Lot.


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I’d imagine that the women suffering excess vaginal bleeding and even hemorrhage, may be resulting from thrombocytopenia (extremely low platelet counts, platelets being the blood cells that allow us to clot when we are injured). These jabs cause some of us to make autoantibodies against our own platelets and our bodies destroy them all. There have been multiple cases of severe, deadly thrombocytopenia in both women and men. I remember the very first was OB/GYN doctor Gregory Michaels in Miami. He got the first Pfizer shot in December 2020 right at rollout. He noticed numerous petechiae (tiny, pinpoint hemorrhages) all over his hands and feet within three days and knew this to be a bad sign, checking himself into the hospital. When they did his platelet count, it was ZERO. He basically used up all of his clotting factors and begin bleeding systemically and died of a massive brain hemorrhage in early January of 2021. Pfizer denied that his death had anything to do with the vaccine. They lied. And everyone knows it. Time for swift and hard justice…. Now.

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I myself can vouch for Dr Wolf. I know women of all ages who are experiencing issues liked she described. Horrifying.

People need to get their heads out of the sand. Start doing your own research.

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Thanks VF for the presentation. Dr. Wolf has been so critical in this area and the people who tried to dismiss her and women's concerns should be embarrassed by their recklessness in downplaying the risks to fertility.

It is so shameful what has been done to women (and everyone who took the covid-19 vaccines, of course). But the gaslighting of reproductive concerns is one of the most disgusting.

I also linked to some of the studies surrounding the impacts of the covid-19 vaccines on fertility in my transcription of the Veritas video here: https://infogame.substack.com/p/new-undercover-pfizer-video-transcript There is an Italian and Norwegian study in the "related data" section which showed that the side effects to menstrual cycles INCREASED with the 2nd dose, confirming causality.

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Needless to say, there is nothing "safe and effective" about LuciPfizer and Murderna vaccines. Well, I guess they are effective, if you know what I mean....

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Silberman's way off base. His response was a smear, pure and simple. Intellectual laziness on his part, since the menstrual cycle issues surfaced shortly after the vaccines were first introduced two years ago. Over a year ago, Facebook banished a chat group that had been formed to better understand the issues... that 'chat group' reportedly had over 28,000 participants.

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A direct toxicological mechanism potential has been evidenced. Concurrence of new onset abnormal menses reports with post menopausal bleeding reports suggests an oestrogenic cause. This could also account for temporarily lower sperm counts and some fetal effects. The polyethylene glycol mRNA component is polysorbate 80 minus the oleic acid. Polysorbate 80 injected into rats mimics diethylstilboestrol on ovary and uterus at all doses tested. No threshold dose. My paper Journal of Clinical Toxicology 26 Aug 2022 'Abnormal menstruation Following Covid-19 Vaccines: A Toxicological Consideration. https://www.longdom.org/abstract/abnormal-menstruation-following-covid19-vaccines-a-toxicologic-consideration-93970.htm


This paper responds to new onset irregular menstruation and post-menopausal bleeding occurring

after COVID-19 vaccination. A causative mechanism is not understood. This paper therefore presents known

effects of a vaccine component, polysorbate 80, that has evidenced toxicity in rats consistent with these cooccurring

reports. The absence of available preclinical histology reports of COVID-19 vaccinated rat ovaries and

uteri (and testes) and absence of clinical trial menstruation data precludes recognition of possible toxicological

mechanisms that may be occurring. Other physiological aetiology has been postulated. The phenomenon

observed before and after menopause, however, could suggest an unidentified oestrogenic effect. While no

published research establishes these novel vaccines’ long term gynaecological outcomes in humans, the delayed

effects of polysorbate 80 observed in rat ovaries and uteri resemble those of diethylstilboestrol. It is

unknown and unresearched whether the effect of a concentrated accumulation of COVID-19 vaccine

nanoparticles measured in rat ovaries post vaccination could potentially be related to the abnormal uterine

bleeding signalled in humans. While prior rat findings are sufficient to prompt human gynaecological

research into this signal for possible toxicology causation, background observational studies and case series

relative to other products using this chemical become relevant.

And see Gajdova, Jakubovsky Valky et al. Delayed effects of neonatal exposure to ‘Tween 80 on female reproductive organs in rats. Food Chem Toxicol. 1993;31(3):183-190.

The TGA rejected my FOI request (2565) for rat ovary and testis histology reports because: reports were ‘too voluminous’ and Pfizer and AZ companies had both taken ‘active steps the information within the documents is not disclosed to the general public.’ (reason 31).

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Berenson is the one batshit crazy and downright mean. What’s the matter with him?

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Naomi was right but she was dismissed as hysterical and "bat shit crazy", even by people on our side. As were thousands of women reporting disruption to their periods. Pfizer knew that the LNPs would get into the general circulation and they knew that they would accumulate in the ovaries. They knew for certain that this could potentially affect the health of the woman and especially adversely affect fertility. They damn well knew and it wouldn't have taken much in the way of research for 'our side' to have known as well.


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Hi - I'm in the UK. My best friends daughter, 29, had 3 shots - she now cannot stop bleeding and has been prescribed 2 birth control pills every day to stop her from menstruating constantly. Her boyfriend's sister has the same condition but gets enraged when suggested it is the clot shots as the cause - she works for the NHS . . . that explains why. They took the shots to go on holiday. I'm mortified.

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It would seem to me that the attention Pfizer in their undisclosed studies paid to fertility issues just might add credibility to the thought that the hands of eugenicists may be a force at play. That may seem far-fetched but looking at the long history of that movement, it’s not beyond reason to think it still has traction.

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All good information but I must ask why she fails to link all this to groups like the WEF?


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Naomi thank you so much for being such a warrior and getting good solid information out there. I've been following you since I first heard you existed sometime early in the pandemic. My heart break is that my three daughters-in-law Ages 28, 39 and 40 absolutely will not listen to anything I say. You are so approachable and being a woman I thought you might be the key to help open their eyes but I've been warned if I bring up anything about the "safe and effective" vaccine I will be canceled. Of course what really terrifies me are my three less than 1 year old granddaughters, my two-year-old grandson and granddaughter and my 8 and 10 year old granddaughter and grandson. If those parents want to screw themselves up, then have at it. But I'm so afraid they have already vaccinated the children. But I am so thankful for you and keep going! Never in my 68 years of life did I Envision encountering something like the last 3 years of corruption and lies and dysregulation and warfare and blindness in families. It is heartbreaking. Thank you Naomi

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Ok so every medication in the history of Pharma has longer disclaimer lists than the actual commercials. But a “vaccine” developed in 13 seconds has zero side affects when administered to billions. Sure, thanks Al. I believe every word of that.

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Women are more prone to report injury, because they statistically understand better their body, men are more prone to die. People who die after jab are often simply not reported at all. I had just now heard about 3 years old with both mother and father jabbed with 3 jabs, who got grand mal, of course he was exposed and may be injured, but he won’t get reported because his parents still hesitate to understand that these jabs are harmful. Both are very intelligent people, but refuse to see evil people.

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