Never mind Pfizer. We know they are corrupt bastards. Just look at their history. The real story is the extent to which our institutions, bureaucracies and political leadership has let them get away with everything and often colluded with them. And still, at least where I live, the press has nothing to say about what really does amount to the biggest single story most journalists will ever in their life encounter.

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A day has gone by and Pfizer hasn't screamed out that Jordon Walker is not who PV says he is, so I think it's safe to assume he really does, sorry, DID, work for them.

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What more effective business model could there be than to make people sick and then have them come to you for the cure?

of course that might run into a problem if the liability protections were voided because of intentional fraud.

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Mike. Dr. Naomi Wolf after reading your article on "My Day at Yale" you are on my Hero's list and will never be taken off! I give out copies whenever I can. You connect all the dots as to why doctors when asked about Covid-19 shots, just say "Cause Unknown". Bless you.

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I did a hot take on the Tucker show about this. Now I can't edit it, and trying to comment is an issue. Seeing here if that is an issue.


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Is anyone experiencing "Network Error" while updating their posts?

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Jan 27·edited Jan 27

This isn't a "bombshell" or even news. It's bad Reality TV.

First off there is no telling if this is staged/set-up etc. even if the guy worked for Pfizer in some capacity.

Next up if everyone doesn't know by now that Pfizer would boil children for profits they are asleep at the wheel. For chrissakes they have been convicted of over 70 felony offenses.

Now can someone answer how does Malone get inserted into the original PV video?

How does he then get featured in the twiiter conversation the very evening this "bombshell" was released- not even a few hours after the release. Was he sitting around waiting for the call from PV?

How is this guy so omnipresent?

In that twitter discussion on the PV story Tom Fitton stated "we need to stop this GoF so we don't get hit by another pathogen that decimates us"

That is complete nonsense- "we" were hit by vicious hospital protocols and impacts of societal destruction followed by mass poisoning via toxic mRNA injections.

All of the people in that twitter discussion, including Malone again, were reifying the big lie that there was a viral pandemic- there wasn't- it was administrative slaughter. There is no excuse for this level of ignorance at this point.

If only we could get the public this engaged in how the poor and elderly were wiped out in hospitals in Spring 2020 and how this was the primary fear mechanism for launching the "Covid" fraud we would be getting somewhere.

"Pfizer wants to do some diabolical shit for money?" That's not news- that's SOP.

Sorry but the likes of Malone are the last people that should be listened to on anything.

This kind of noise and distraction blocks out the truth from being heard.

A comment I came across earlier today:

"Veritas' job is to prop up the current criminal regime by appealing to the MAGA side of the Uniparty with its unique brand of sensational journalism that validates people's suspicions while attempting to steer them in a specific, regime-supporting direction. The goal of the PV piece is to legitimize the "virus" and therefore the "vaccine."

Never mind the fact that the alleged virus (the flu relabeled) had a higher survival rate than the flu (99.8%), so to regard it as a threat is ridiculous. If you legitimize the virus, you legitimize the vaccine. And, if you legitimize the vaccine, you now have a narrative where you can blame the deaths and injuries on the "virus" (and maybe point the finger at Wuhan) and frame the vaccine response as a genuine good-faith effort that just went wrong and was perhaps rushed to production. The ultimate goal is to run cover for the planned, vaccine genocide, divert responsibility from those behind it, and rehabilitate people's image of vaccines."


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These senators are so stupid. There is massive evidence of these jabs killing and maiming everyone on the planet and they're focusing on some cockamamie story about some man-made killer viruses. When are we going to stop believing in the "Virus" and that there actually was a pandemic? Covid was never proven or properly vetted. It's an invention by modern-day idol worshipers. These cultists are no better than the morons at Jonestown--fanatics who would lock their own mother up in a quarantine camp if they refused to take the shot.

Watch THE VIRUS IS MY GOD. The “virus” is claimed to have invaded a town in the old west and soon worshiped as a new idol among the populace: Watch the music video here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-virus-is-my-god.

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This is a psyop. Wake up and stop falling for limited hangouts. You're being played, Naomi.

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Never mind Pfizer. We know they are corrupt bastards. Just look at their history. The real story is the extent to which our institutions, bureaucracies and political leadership has let them get away with everything and often colluded with them. And still, at least where I live, the press has nothing to say about what really does amount to the biggest single story most journalists will ever in their life encounter.

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So some guy on a first date with a guy exaggerates to impress his date (all giggles) . When confronted he states he is not a scientist and just working at Pfizer for a consulting company (not high level). As entertaining as it was , it destroys any credibility to the allegation Pfizer is working on GOF (after all, if they don't like liability doing GOF is not bright because unlike vaccines they dont have liability waiver). This is likely why Part II release was delayed.

Was Pfizer a partner in this PV Production? Who knows? If not the guy will soon be looking for a job. If so, he has a future in Hollywood.

Anyways, I think we all got played.

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Excellent article. It is so important to keep exposing these corrupt people with forced transparency.

They need to be held accountable, but it is too hard to when the people at the top of the systems that control our lives are colluding and working together behind closed doors.

So what do we do about it? We need to come up with solutions, together.

Please join us in solutions minded, results-driven discourse.

Solutions like:

-Decentralization of the systems they control (it is working for money (Bitcoin/crypto), Media (Substack/podcasts/youtube) etc.

-Forced Transparency back on our systems.

- Blockchain parallel polling and voting to hold the corrupt systems accountable (how can they represent us if they don't even know our accurate views?).

- Quadratic voting to come up with solutions that benefit the most people, or better yet SWARM intelligence solutions using large groups of people and technology together.... like this:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu-RyZt_Uas).

- Building a decentralized 4th branch of government 100% made and controlled by the people whose sole purpose is to make sure the other branches are not corrupt.

- A decentralized safe have for whistleblowers.

- A decentralized investigative news media that responds to our upvotes and downvotes, and asks questions we decide upon, and investigates who we tell it to, and anyone can be a reporter.

- (Be open minded here and hear this one out) harness the dangerous power of direct democracy (and the tyranny of the masses) but instead of pointing it at each other we point it only at the people corrupting the systems. (We put checks and balances like the already existing Constitution that protects us from using it on each other).

PS (America was considered to be a LIMITED Direct Democracy).

The possibilities are endless. But we need other solutions minded people. Are you one?

Talk about solutions with us:


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It's looking like a massive network of interlocking pieces; thousands of pretend nurses have fraudulent, unearned credentials and are presumably working in the medical field. These people are all compromised and thus are easy to control to enforce whatever narratives the powers-that-were want.

- In the sign language interpreter community, there's right now a buzz going around about what appears to be a coordinated, multi-state effort by nursing colleges to hand out fraudulent nursing degrees (RN, LPN) to people who haven't attended the programs for money. This has been ongoing since at least 2016; preplanning for a long game, anyone? There are investigations happening right now focusing on nursing colleges in New York and several other states, and Florida ALREADY has gone through the process of going after the perpetrators of the fraud; https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdfl/pr/fraudulent-nursing-diploma-scheme-leads-federal-charges-against-25-defendants .

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Hi Naomi! Greetings from another Yale graduate TD'85. I am wondering if you are observing the same thing about your '84 classmates as I do, which is SILENCE. A couple years ago, I tried to check if anyone among them had the same outrage about the suppression of early treatments as I do. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Yesterday I wanted to see if any of them wanted justice regarding Pfizer as you and I do. The moderators did not even allow my post. Is this what you are experiencing???

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Right. Functional living is countercultural.

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This doctor is black and gay. Nothing will be done. See Tim Cook, Apple Computer Inc., and slave labor in China.

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