United States Department of Defense.

Operation Warp Speed.


Other Transactional Authority.

State of Emergency.

Military Countermeasures.

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Oh, I’d love to “stop Pfizer.” What exactly can I do? Shake my fists?

Pfizer, while playing a significant role in the worldwide scheme, is only an extension to the 2030 plan.

The crime started in 1688, when the cabal took over and has been controlling the money flow ever since.

Of course, in the US, when the “US ‘government’” got incorporated in 1881 after the (Un)Civil War, whose sole objective was this, the noose became tighter, and the scheme was completed with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (plus, at the same time, the introduction of federal income tax through the private agency, the “IRS,” that has been collecting the money for the private bank, misleadingly called “Federal Reserve,” ever since), when the private bank was granted exclusive rights to issue the USD as a loan to the taxpayer at an interest (the greatest heist in world history).

Just wait until the CBDC will fully enslave all humans and all living things will be “vaccinated” in order to become part of the IoT...

The path is narrowing and only a couple of things can prevent the globalists' success:


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It is not just that PFIZER KNEW. The FDA and their vaccine subcommittee (VRBPAC) knew and did not let the public know about Myocarditis until several months after they issued the EUA. Please read my report #11, highlighted in this video.

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We were fooled. Lucky I refused to take the vax and just cannot work, poorer and now. but pleased I took the decision I did.

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Big Pharma and all their evil cohorts have done a good job of instilling fear into people, especially those who only read the MSM.

Last night I attended a classical concert in my small Canadian town, where most of the other attendees were seniors, like I am. 95% of them were wearing masks, encouraged by the organisers!

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Pfffffizer is the pffffffall guy.... (a lotta wind is bein' expelled now!)--and they are indemnified, fully, TEFLON...they just followed (horrific) orders from the Chef an' the recipe (if ya'd call it that) was from DOD/DARPA/BARDA (team Chef)... PV was punked--YES JJ Bozo Looneytunes Walker was legit--but he was fed baloney and that baloney he shared with PV (he was also hopin' ta HIDE some baloney but that didn't happen...shucks). PV didn't play hide the baloney--they exposed it! But baloney it was.

YES Pfffizer is deplorable, despicable and they hire dummies like this dude to pimp, pump, and shill for them (and oopsie, spill beans to impress dates when they're tipsydoodles)... BUT at the end of the day this is NOT about Pffffizer... the contracts and patents were in place YEARS before (see David Martin) -- both Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt have the whole chain of command all laid out (see their respective substacks).

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I must ask, why are we so focused on Pfizer that we are letting Moderna and FDA/USG off so easily?

Pfizer doesn't even own a COVID Vaccine, not they aren't guilty of trial fraud (assisted by FDA)

I am starting to think Pfizer is just the designated patsy to let the others off the hook

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Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. God bless you.

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To be hidden for 75 years ?!?!

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I am beginning to think that the drug companies were paid off by government to market these horrendous mRNA injections. There real culprits are the DOD, DARPA, BARDA and a host of other government agencies all meshed together in ultra corruption never before seen on the planet.

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Prosecute Epstein list is key for,overthrowing US government and American regime change. It is connected.

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Not just Pzzzzzzer. They all need to be accountable!!

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E-Book... for Bezos Kindle only... GREAT!

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It is too late.

The blood supply is tainted. The food supply is tainted. Hospitals are glorified death chambers. God only knows what has been done to the water. To the air. To the soil.

The jabs are a mere distraction...

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"But if you insist, it is also available on our website."

Yes, I insist. I haven't bought or used Amazon for anything since 2016.

Amazon is a data collector and I'm not interested in sharing my data with them.

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DOD directed ............prosecute Fauci

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