Excellent post. We are fortunate to have all of these SubStack writers pointing out the many cracks in the foundation of current totalitarianism. May their clay feet crumble.

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Dr Sherri Tenpenny was the first one I listened to way back in Jan 2021 who was sounding the alarm on these bioweapon jabs. I shared her videos with everyone, family and friends…and still, they caved to the fear- mongering pressure.

I’ll always be grateful to Sherri Tenpenny. She was brave to be one of the first talking about the mechanisms of injury in the injections. And she was so right!!

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Genocide. Is megacide a better word because it involves the whole planet? It's hard to put into words what is happening. Thank you for all you do!

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Thank you so much Vigilant Fox for being brave enough to continue to point out the obvious massive deaths from the Covid shots while the government controlled MSM helps them cover up the crimes against humanity that the Medical Cabal has committed.

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SHOCKING - Here is What Really is in the Vaccines

Evidence presented by La Quinta Columna shows forced Trans-humanization of society is happening now.

The truth can be easily found in multiple studies published on the NIH website.


Demonic Technology: CV19 ‘Vaccines’ Are Made To Destroy Humanity – Karen Kingston

“This is an AI bioweapon. It is part technology and part biology. It is designed to hijack the human genome. It can be used to experiment on humans, and it can also be used to exterminate them."


DARPA/DOD is behind it, and they are not hiding it. All hidden in plain sight as usual..

Moderna strategic alliances: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Moderna SEC Filing:


Transhumanism, Nanotechnology, and Cybernetics


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Thanks for including the opinions of those like Dr. Tenpenny. You do a superb job presenting the case against the criminals.

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think people . for god's sake think!

one out of 73 people that got the shot early 2021 is dead.

what does that mean?

who got the shots early on in 2021?

predominantly the very old and sick, that is who!

and now some 18 months on 1 out of 73 of those very old and sick has died.

what is the life expectancy of someone going into a care home?

it is less than a year!

so what does it mean?


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In the US there is currently a sustained mass death event underway which is unprecedented in the country's history during “peace time” except during the Spanish Flu (it wasn’t the flu) event of 1918.

Here are some yearly US all-cause mortality figures to consider:

2015= -2,072 excess; 2016= -17,489 excess; 2017= +17,687 excess; 2018= +7,452 excess; 2019= -15,694 excess;

2017 had the highest number of all-cause excess of the listed baseline 5 year period at around 17,000.

There are 10 weeks in 2021 that exceed the yearly total for 2017.

Now moving on to 2020 and 2021:

2020= +433,442 deaths (+14.8%)

2021= +510,230 deaths (+17.3%)

2022 is on pace to be slightly lower than 2020/2021 but still somewhere in 6 figures of increased excess all cause mortality.

From 2015 to 2019 not once was there a week of 5 digit mortality excess. In 2020/2021 combined there have been 50 such examples.

Every single week in 2020/2021 the US had a + rate of mortality excess off the baseline except the first 9 weeks of 2020. Weeks 10 and 11 of 2020 had negligible increase. Not until around Week 14 do we begin to see significant excess and only in specific locales.

The corresponding increase in excess corresponds with the March 11, 2020 WHO “pandemic” declaration. Leading into that declaration there was nothing notable that would have caused one concern based on direct observational experience.

Once the increase gets rolling we see 104 straight weeks of excess all-cause mortality in 2020/2021/2022 (temporarily interrupted in Weeks 12-16 of 2022)- the first 10 weeks of 2022 saw extremely high all-cause excess. Nothing like this has occurred in the country's history other than times of cataclysmic events such as WW2.

Since Week 16 of 2022 the + excess has kicked in again every week up to Week 41 the last week of up to date data.

I'm compiling this mainly from:


I have the weekly data which is too long to post in a comment. Also working on age stratification data relating to all-cause.

One of the striking observations, (which is not new to those examining this for the past few years) which has been mentioned before, is the timing of when the significant excess kicked in, the locations (was it widespread e.g.?) and who was it that was dying en masse during that time called "the first wave.".

The answer to the above is that the timing, as mentioned, was right when the "pandemic" was announced- Week 14 of 2020. There was not only nothing leading into this that would alert one to a coming health crisis (other than your TV and media channels) but there was in fact overall negative "excess" all-cause mortality every leading into that announcement.

Who was it that was dying during the time of the initial "excess?" It was, as you know, the elderly who were already on the precipice of dying and many were living in institutional settings. What this would mean for the general public among other things is that they would not have been witness to any of this.

And of course nowhere in the media did we get the question of "Who?" or "Where were they dying?"

And where exactly in the country was this happening? If this was a pandemic it would be widespread by definition. It was not. Even as this pandemic "was raging" in March/April 2020 it was not happening in 36 of the 50 states. How is this possible given we were told this was a "novel" virus to which we had no built in immunity as well as being the most transmissible, deadliest virus known.

Up to date figures:

United States reported 3,353,787 deaths, for the 52 weeks of year 2020 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,920,345. That is an increase of +433,442 deaths (+14.8%).

United States reported 3,457,517 deaths for the 52 weeks of year 2021 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,947,287. That is an increase of +510,230 deaths (+17.3%).

Year to date, United States reported 2,542,386 deaths for the 41 weeks of year 2022 (all years of age). Expected deaths were 2,338,304. That is an increase of +204,082 deaths (+8.7%).

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Our very worst fears proving to be possibly even worse than we imagined.

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I remember her well from 2020. I thought she was being melodramatic, that it couldn't really get THAT bad. I was wrong. It's worse.

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I always thought to myself, “how would they hide massive deaths when they decided to start their depopulation” well it seems I underestimated the elite and overestimated the human race. When it was 700 athletes people still didn't believe anything was wrong.

The problem is that people do not believe that our governments and the elite could ever comprehend doing anything to the public.

If they had any idea of what is really going on, I don't think they could live with the knowledge that we are expendable cattle.

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This is below your usual standards. Really? Something in a small syringe has enough magnetic strength to hold a spatula or a plate? This mechanical engineer doesn't think so.

When you republish something you are implicitly vouching for it unless you specify otherwise.

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The world has gone upside down and backwards th he Twilight Zone is a Reality after all

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I want to watch the entire video of these shorts. Is that possible?

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Our Southern California media is in a panic over people getting sick with flu, rsv and Covid. They’re still pushing the flu and Covid shots! No thanks!


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