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Thank you Fox for this video! Dr. Makis is a brilliant man! I've done 24hr fast.... I need to step up my game to 72!

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As taken from: https://covid19criticalcare.com/tools-and-guides/guide-to-intermittent-fasting/

"Can anyone do intermittent fasting?

Generally, the answer is yes, anyone can do intermittent fasting with a few exceptions. Children younger than age 18 should not fast as it impairs their growth. People who are malnourished or underweight (BMI < 20), or who are pregnant or breastfeeding, should also not try intermittent fasting. If you have diabetes, gout, or serious underlying medical conditions, you should consult your primary care physician before trying to fast, as changes in your medications and close monitoring may be required."

If it is not advised for children to do intermittent fasting, what can they do to encourage autophagy?

I had done intermittent fasting for years prior to 2020, so perhaps it helped me avoid covid, flu and colds altogether- https://leemuller.substack.com/p/did-you-avoid-getting-covid-asks

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Once again. Spike proteins are important but this protocol doesn't solve the core issue. The nanotech hydrogel graphene oxide creates circuitry that CREATES little dna spike protein machines. Detoxify heavy metals - and you eliminate the root source - not just the symptom.

MOST studies showed NO spike proteins in the vaccine samples. But using dark field, live blood microscopy you can identify the nanotech prevalent in the Pfizer, Moderna, Microsoft, etc patents. The written documentation overwhelming shows how they use Wifi and 5G to send signals to this nanotech that is now prevalent not only in the vaccinated - but also in the unvaccinated through shedding and environmental poisioning.

So far the only clinically validated way of removing these is through EDTA Chelation + IV or Liposomal Vitamin C.

There is circumstantial evidence that the following may also help but none - that I've found - have any real testing to support it:

- Activated Charcoal / C60

- Glutathione (NAC) + Liposomal Vitamin C

- Boron/Magnesium

- Near Infrared Therapy

- Humic/Fulvic Acid (Zeolites)

Others mentioned:

Confirmed live blood samples of the “Hydrogel Graphene” Ribbon structures seen significant clinical symptomatic improvements with combination therapies including EDTA Chelation, anti aging and neurogenesis enhancing peptides like Epithalon, Selank and GHK Copper, Methylene Blue, Plasminex ( sister to Nattokinase), nitric oxide supplementation, Humic and Fulvic Acid, NAC, DMG, high dose Vitamin C, full nutritional supplementation, Hydrosol/ Colloidal Gold, alkaline diet and more depending on the patients.

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Sounds great. On a tour of France at the moment. So many sick Americans injected to the hilt. So much damage to our bodies from these injections.

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I saw where over 3000 Israelis required medical attention during the fasting days of Yom Kippur and wondered if there was any connection to their national shot mandates...a spike protein reaction? https://www.timesofisrael.com/medics-treat-over-3000-during-yom-kippur-deliver-4-babies/

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$55 for some herbs and vitamins doesn't sound like an absolute grift at all, not for a second!

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I highly recommend reading Anthony Williams the medical medium books about detoxing. You can start immediately by drinking his heavy metal detox smoothie, look for the correct ingredients. Also lemon water first thing (2 cups water with juice of one whole lemon), followed 15 minutes to 30 mintues later 2 cups celery juice, followed later 30 minutes with heavy metol detox smoothie, eat lots of watermelon and apples, plus any other fruit you like throughout the day. Do this for most of the day or at least half the day, and for 15 days minimum. You may feel worse for a couple of days but stick with it while the toxics are released. Check out his website for more free information. Wellness to all. BTW good idea to stop eating eggs and dairy while you detox because proteins feed viruses and pathegons.

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Autophagy is definitely a component to consider for helping the body clean-up spike, you still have to stop the spike machinery from doing damage, especially considering that spike is being generated from DNA plasmids, therefore potentially permanent production. Spike appears to hijack multiple systems to inflict damage, including autophagy.

"Autophagy, a cell process involved in cellular homeostasis, stress, and immune responses to viral infections, is a two-edged process in virus infections, since it may have pro- or anti-viral roles. Viruses, on the other side, during co-evolution with the host cell, developed mechanisms to usurp/exploit the host autophagic system. SARS-CoV-2 virus could take advantage of the autophagy reduction, thus preventing viral product degradation and enhancing double membrane vesicles availability, indispensable for their replication."


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Hm. Why did he stop drinking coffee, which also triggers autophagy?

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Get this garbage out of me!!!

Safe and effective my ass...

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I never took the 💉 injection (I don't call it a vax) It hasn't been approved) lol. But for those people wondering about the 72 hour fast, I had to do it for my pancreas and liver. I was in the hospital at the time though. I can tell you that you can do it. They only thing I had was dry lips, which is understandable. I just Vaseline on. Try it. I felt so good. Just like the doctor said. So no worries, that's just my 2 cents input. Good luck 👍🏽

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