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Great subject matter. I started reading about Warburg and discovered this book that helped to understand: "Tripping over the Truth: How the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Is Overturning One of Medicine's Most Entrenched Paradigms by Travis Christofferson. Then I read the McLelland book. This lady is a tiger and she went past Warburg with what I think are other pathways to nourish cancer. She has suggested treatments for each type near the end of her book. Travis has another book regarding ketones and how several companies have created esthers that put you into ketosis without the diet. I was psyched to hear Marik discuss the metabolic theory.

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We should now consider the NHS as terrorists, the killing arm of the WHO terrorist organization.

More here; https://wakeuppeople.substack.com/p/the-nhs-now-means-national-homicide

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Thomas Seyfried, PhD has been studying and writing about this for many years. He wrote “Cancer as a metabolic Disease” https://tomseyfried.com/. He proved that cancer is not genetic with lab experiments. The ketogenic diet has helped many survive years past their expiration dates.

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That reminds me of the 2 guys, Fred Evrard & Guy Tenenbaum, both of whom had an interview on "Dr Eric Berg DC" youtube channel, and one guy wrote a book on his own, then the two got to know e ach other and write a little book together: "Can we heal from cancer?"

It's only 2 guys... but they followed roughly the same protocol, of alternating fasting patterns, keeping the machine functioning with certain supplements, while, when eating, eating a very low calory diet (improved by the supplements w.r.t. micronutrients), to basically, starve out the cancer.

They both had late stage cancer with very bad prospects. At least one of them initially did chemo, until his pain went away, and did the rest with his regimen. He said that, on fasting, his chemo was much more bearable than it seemed for regular patients, who had been given "goodies" (candy), while he said "no thanks".

Well, both of them regularly had their tumor size monitored, until it was one day "disease free" officially.

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This overall article is a very good approach to cancer....which caused the death of my beloved wife of 45 yrs. But I would add one other item to strong chemo...in my search of the web during my wife’s cancer battle which lasted 5 yrs there were several new articles that suggested that strong chemo drugs cause the cancer cells to go into a survival mode which then seeded into the blood stream/lymph systems cellular particles that promoted metastasis...which ultimately was the demise of my wife’s condition. Another issue here...if mets are common for certain types of treatments and cancers then do studies that detect these mets early...being reactionary only gives the cancer more time to seed itself thru out the body. Lastly, if you sense your oncologist is worried about costs to insurance...find another doc...it is your life he is dealing with not a bean counter...some older oral drugs are available for breast cancer are cheap and could be combined with other agents but the purist oncologists always want only one drug..saving the older cheap drugs for last ditched effort when it could have been helpful at the beginning

I must say the idea of immune wiping out with strong drugs also took my father’s life. He had an incurable and difficult to treat lymphoma and was convinced that using strong chemo drugs would save him...when I became aware of what had been decided it was too late...he had already been seduced by an oncologist who was doing much more harm...he would have lived longer and in a better condition than the hell this oncologist put him thru before with limited WBCs and red cell he eventually died of kidney failure and sepsis.

Everyone needs to read and understand this article.

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Forgive the ignorant statement I have to make ( because I have no resources proof or studies ). In light of ALL VACCINES and FOODS with preservatives and “fake salts, sugars and butters” and “bottled waters” WHERE ELSE DOES CANCER COME FROM?????? PS Your corrupt government wants you DEAD.

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When I clicked thru to see the entire article I realized he what Marik was going to focus on. And of course I sing the praises of Vit D far and wide and have for years.

AND I think since Vit D goes from Mom to baby and we KNOW that most are very deficient in Vit D then I think that is why the vaccines in such rapid succession CAN potentially be linked to Autism. Would love to see some anecdotal evidence of that with autistic population but it won't happen.


When did Doctors move from prevention to treatment (in general)? They have basically become DRUG pushers.. especially Oncologists!

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I do not need oncologists...I have not got cancer in over 25 years of urine therapy. Urine is powerful and has saved lives from cancer and ALL diseases (so says UT devotees). Each day, I challenge cancer to appear. I believe urine triggers my immune system to kill off the first cancer cell to be formed.

I am age 74 and has no aging diseases, no diabetes, cancer, cardio and other diseases. 25 years is a long, long time. And I never seen visited a doctor for treatment of illnesses. Hardly even a flu.

Those who wish...download The Water of Life (100 years old) and Manav Mootra (60 years old). Urine has worked for over 100 years, for thousands of years.

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If only St Jude’s would start using the repurposed drugs for this poor kids!

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As A Country

We Are Still Shitting Obama Out.

The Body Politic Will Recover.

And Our Immunity To His Kind Will Only Strengthen.

His, And Theirs, Is An Emotional World.

You Must Load Your Arrows To Bloody Their Emotions.

It's All They've Got. Understand That. It's All They Have.

'Lest They Have Your Emotions Too.


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Jillian thank you so much for your comment. Mine was truly sarcastic in many ways EXCEPT for Our Corrupt Government and Big Pharma who want us ALL on medication. That said the more discovery that comes out the deeper the rabbit hole gets. In closing our Gov AND big pharma benefit by us using the drugs or dying from them!

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It's the natural progression of Rockefeller Medicine

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Nice but only half true. Seypert wrote the book on this subject not James Watson. Any genetic contribution for most cancers is epigenetic, affecting genes that either affect immunity or metabolism. There are many cell signaling apparatus involved was well. Most are in truth cancer stem cells and not daughter cells. Further, the number one fuel for cancer stem cells is glutamine and not glucose, even though glucose can support cancer metabolism to a degree. Some cancer cells can metabolize ketones, but not most. Many flavonoids, not just those listed, inhibit various states of the cancer cells. Some, are known to kill oncogenic viruses, that are in essence oncomodulary and stimulate cancer stem cells.

Russell L.Blaylock, M.D.

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My father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 Large B Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2011. He took RCHOP (his chemo plan) and had to stop one dose short because of the side effects.

Six months later, his second PET scan revealed his cancer was returning.

A friend told him about apricot seeds and that he had been “living with small cell lung cancer for 5 years” and using apricot seeds.

I’m an RN. My father in law called me to “look into it”.

He took the chemotherapeutic dose of apricot seeds for a year or so which required him to be completely off of sugar.

All of his lesions were completely gone except a node which had radically decreased in size over the course of the year. There were 4 other areas of concern prior to his apricot seed regimen.

My father in law just had a PET scan recently. Still no changes.

He takes the maintenance dose of apricot seeds.

I remember telling his oncologist what we were doing after his 3rd PET scan revealed shrinking of the nodes. I told him he wouldn’t agree and that it didn’t matter if he did or not, that we would continue.

He listened and with a smile on his face he said “Well, I can’t recommend the treatment but I am not going to advise against it nor will I document it in my notes. It’s working. Go for it.”.

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twitter to





to the 2

of you!

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Very interesting article. For more on how the Rockefellers and other eugenicists corrupted medicine from around 1900 onwards, as well as more on Dr. Marik's excellent FLCCC, see Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics (2022). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt16968086/

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