Edward Dowd Presents Irrefutable Evidence Vaccine Mandates Killed & Disabled Countless AmericansWatch now (3 min) | “Unless we have a new virus that knows you’re working, there’s no explanation for it.”
Steve Cortes: "The bond market is revolting against Biden's inflationary policies. Inflation is out of control, and it's going to get…Watch now (8 min) | “And now here we are with the real-world ramifications of a bond market revolt: a massive bank failure with legitimate worries that…
“What you're basically seeing here is the rise of a for-profit censorship industry funded by American taxpayers to censor real-world information.”
“You can see where they help him [Jacob Chansley] open a door to go into the Senate chamber.”
6th-Grade Boy & Father Confront School Board, and on Prime-Time TV, Denounce Child SexualizationWatch now (7 min) | “The librarian asked if I wanted more. And if I wanted a graphic novel version.”

February 2023

Eyewitness: CCP Unleashed COVID-19 on the World to Destroy Western Economies and Kill MillionsWatch now (4 min) | “The CCP government [intended] to let it go all over the world to kill millions of people all over the world later.”
Governor DeSantis Rips Authorities & the Corporate Media for Getting Everything WRONG About C19Watch now (2 min) | “I can’t think of very many things these people were right on with respect to the COVID stuff over the last few years.”
Obstetrician Reports Seeing DOUBLE the Bleeding Problems Right After the Shots Rolled Out Watch now (1 min) | And “He’s just drowning, drowning in chronic disease now from patients that had previously been healthy.”
“In 2021, the stats people expected went off the rails.”
World War III Appears Imminent as the Establishment Attempts to Sweep Vaccine Genocide Under the RugJetzt ansehen (2 min) | If the world shifts its attention to the fear of getting nuked, what does that do for COVID accountability?
University Hospitals Paid Parents $900 to Subject Their Babies to COVID Shots a Year Before EUAWatch now (12 min) | “It almost sounds like human experimentation on babies for money.”
Dr. McCullough: Lawsuits Are Coming for Those Who Defrauded the PublicWatch now (1 min) | The allegations: wrongful advertising, fraud, and harm to the population.