Jimmy Dore Takes the Gloves off for Bill Gates: "He's a Nerd ... and a Megalomaniac!"Watch now (2 min) | “He’s not a doctor; he’s not a virologist. He’s not even a college graduate.”
Don't Let Pfizer Get Away With the Greatest Crime in Human HistoryWatch now (3 min) | Pfizer knew their injections would damage the hearts of teens; they kept going anyway. And when Maddie de Garay was injured during…
Dr. Naomi Wolf Addresses the 'Monsters' at Pfizer Putting Profits Before HumanityWatch now (4 min) | “It’s the greatest crime against humanity.”
'Smoking Gun' Disability Data Reveals Alarming Health Crisis of the EmployedWatch now (2 min) | “If you’re wondering why there are ‘help wanted’ signs, this is it.”
WEF Falling, Princess Lockdown Resigns: “World Leaders Are Starting to Become Very Nervous Right Now”Watch now (3 min) | Who will be next to race toward the exits?
Damaged Immune Systems, Pandemic of the Vaxed: “These Shots Have Clearly Made Things Worse”Watch now (8 min) | “This is the greatest public health disaster in the history of the world.”
“33% of Democrats nationally believe that someone they know may have died from side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.”
They wanted to keep this information hidden from you for 75 years.
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